Go Joe 17: “Big City Blitz” Information

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Go Joe XVII Route Map

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This will be the 17th Go Joe Ride for St. Joseph’s Center in Scranton.

Coming off of last year’s 16th  “special” ride through the viewing area, we are now going to be off to another distant location.

Visit St. Joseph’s Center’s Go Joe XVII online donation page.

Donate by mail:
Make checks payable to “St. Joseph’s Center” and mail to:
Go Joe
16 Montage Mountain Road
Moosic, PA 18507

See the latest stories from the Go Joe XVII bike route.

Check back for the latest information on Go Joe XVII.

Ride Schedule:

Day 1:  Start in Pittsburgh Live– Monday morning, July 21st
Day of cycling east toward Johnstown with live broadcasts to follow in evening.

Day 2: Start in Johnstown Live—Tuesday morning, July 22nd
Day of cycling east toward Chambersburg/ Shippensburg area with live broadcasts to follow in the evening.

Day 3: Start in Chambersburg/Shippensburg Area Live—Wednesday morning, July 23rd
Day of cycling east toward Harrisburg with live broadcasts to follow from the Capitol in the evening.

Day 4: Start In Harrisburg / Capitol Live –Thursday morning, July 24th
Day of cycling east toward Philadelphia with broadcasts to follow in the evening.

Day 5: Start in Philadelphia Live Friday morning, July 25th
Long, Long, Long Day of cycling back toward St. Joseph’s Telethon for live arrival into evening**

** This arrival may be delayed at any day along the ride due to unforeseen conditions and /or experiences. We will leave Saturday as alternative arrival date.

Interested Bike Ride Sponsors should contact Bill Schultz via e-mail for a list of Sponsorship Opportunities: bill.schultz@wnep.com



  • Valerie

    wishing you the best Joe was so hoping you would come though the warren county again I moved from carbon county to warren county been following wnep every day GOOD LUCK BE WATCHING EVERY DAY GOD BLESS YOU JOE

  • Arvin

    Is there a direct correlation between the amount of miles ridden and the amount of funds raised? I’m sure there is a direct correlation between the amount of air time used for fund raising and the amount raised. A person, (Joe) standing on their head could raise the same amount instead of dragging himself, with crew in tow, across the state. And it would cost a lot less. WHAM!!

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