Caught On Camera: Woman Allegedly Steals from Veterans on Memorial Day

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SCRANTON --- Police in Scranton charged a woman who they said was caught on surveillance video stealing money from veterans at a VFW on Memorial Day.

The president of Post 25 along Rockwell Avenue in north Scranton supplied Newswatch 16 with the video.

Authorities said Maria Maslar, 61, of Scranton can be seen taking cash left on the bar.

Those veterans were outside of the VFW for a memorial day ceremony.

Police have charged Maslar with theft and receiving stolen property.


  • tom

    Don’t you love it? people stealing money-then they come up with the mental problem thing.They were smart enough to figure how to steal.

  • BeSmart

    Why would these people leave there money laying out in the open? That’s just asking for problems.

  • anonymous

    she stopped in to visit me on Mother’s Day and I caught her stealing money from my purse…after asking for money which I’ve learned not to give. She is in need of long term care but honestly if she would just get sent back to prison, the rest of us can rest easy for awhile. I should have called the cops on her and I regret not doing so…I think she is probably a kleptomaniac but definitely has severe mental issues….that’s about as low as you can go and her husband is a vet…very sad.

    • anonymous

      oh I forgot to say she used an alias…although the last name is correct as this is now her married name. Her maiden name is Henson so the 100% Italian part is probably not true….and I’m not sure how that fits in to the thieving part anyway…

      • just2letuno

        It seems like many people know her current life much more then I do. I am the last person to stick up for her in any way.I have nothing to do with her just like the rest of her family. She is indeed Italian and you’re right that has nothing to do with her steeling and doing crazy things but it was responding to something someone else said. There is no doubt she is a sick ticket and prison my be just about the only thing for her. I was simply saying it’s a sad thing because of her actions and nutty ways for so many years no one will have anything to do with her and wish the system would put her away where she NEEDS to be.

  • Rob

    Recently I was pumping gas at an area gas station when she walked up and told me that a young relative was undergoing treatment for cancer-that the family had no money for the piling up medical bills. She poured on the waterworks and me being overly trusting, bought it and gave her some money. Then I see her face on the TV this morning and instantly knew I had been had. Hope she gets some help if she is, indeed, mentally ill. However, from what I saw, and in my humble opinion, she knew what she was doing.

    • just2letuno

      Please don’t get me wrong, She is completely wacky and for sure ill. Last I knew she was diagnosed with more mental illnesses then I can remember and her family has tried for years to get her help but when she cons the doctors that she capable of being in the public (and her being a nurse doesn’t help because she knows what to say) and has someone come to stand up for her there is not to much they can do. They have tried for so many years and it’s very frustrating because she really doesn’t need the money but has the need to do these things and besides anyone would have to be a sick person to choose this behavior over a relationship with her children and grandchildren who are fed-up and embarrassed over her actions. I am not saying “oh please leave the poor lady alone” but after reading a few comments I felt the need to just fill in anyone who seemed to be assuming on who or what she was. Also I wanted to say I am so truly sorry for what she did with you none of that story has any truth. I would say she needs help but I no longer believe there is help for her other then her being put in a long term mental faculty.

  • just2letuno

    Just to let people know I am related to this women. -She is full blooded Italian -Married to a very active veteran who was most likely outside – She changed her last name recently – She’s from Luzerne county -She has A LOT of mental problems yet comes across at times like a normal person but is far from it she has been self medicating for 40 years -She may look old and terrible here but when she was younger before she went to collage and had children she was a singer and model for department stores – Most importantly She does not need the money at all her and her husband have a very good income so I’m sure there is much more to the story and question of why they didn’t just have her husband pay them back if she was indeed steeling he would have payed plus some if not someone from her family would have. If they went as far as calling the police they could have went as far as finding out who she was and contacting a family member like they do with all the drunks that end up on the floor and falling all over people. She definitely finds a way of alienating her family with her confusing mental illness but she’s not a bad person. Again there has got to be a lot more to this like why over a week later they wanted the news to have this story and tape?…

    • DJ252

      Not everyone who steals money is in need of it. Illness or not, stealing is wrong. Stealing from veterans on memorial day, while they are outside at a Memorial day ceremony is worse yet. Veterans go to the VFW and American Legions to interact with their brothers and sisters in arms. It’s a bond that only a veteran can understand. The most important part of which is trust. I believe you are missing the point of the story. As far as waiting a week to post the video; no doubt it is due to impending charges. Filing paperwork and having someone arrested takes time. Obviously making the video public prior to the individual being formally charged would have been an issue. Hopefully this will encourage her to get the care she needs rather than “self medicating”.

  • Garrett smith

    I wonder if she took it all and placed it on black at Mohegan sun to try to make the veterans more money? However seems like it must’ve been red

  • Janey

    Why is it so hard for people to stick to the topic? If it’s so bad here, leave….. Using social media to rag on Scranton, we get it, you hate the Scranton area, maybe if you got a job you wouldn’t be posting on every story, sounds like someone has too much time on their hands, lol!! Like it or leave it :)

  • Janelle

    This is the thanks these veterans get for fighting for us? What a degenerate , you should be ashamed of yourself!!

    • DuEast

      hav u? looks like home-grown…not the point though. I dislike this area because of it’s racism, but choose to live here because my spouse is from should find something better to do with your life than trolling..

    • Gobs least

      Clearly doeast needs to worry about her spouse and not taking jabs on the local news website, misery loves company ;)

      • DuEast

        My husband served in the military, so this story caught my attention. Both he and I grew up in an era of activism and freedom of speech. We exercise it. Let it go? It’s our privilege and it’s not if I am the only one who feels this way about Scranton and other parts of NEPA along with ignorant people like ones that always pop up on here just looking to rag on someone with an opinion that doesn’t match their own. Get a life? We have one. Maybe some people should step outside of the little boxes they grew up in and get a clue. Many people haven’t progressed past the year 1900.
        As for too much time? We’re both retired and worked all our lives, we have all the time in the world to do what we want, we’ve earned that. And we both do work, we have our own business.
        What are some of you here? The NEPA Troll Board Police? Nobody hired you to monitor these forums. Some people on here are repeatedly ignorant; but that’s their right. The rest of us also exercise ours.
        If all the people from here are all that, he wouldn’t have married outside of his territory now would he?

      • e

        Janey many of us have left the slum that is Scranton. Unfortunately the vile people that live there have infected such a large area that it’s difficult for some to move beyond that layer of filth. Your defensive comments are humurous and bring me back to when I had to listen to the local trash defend their beloved Scranton. Same rehearsed comments LOL. “Get a life” is number one. “Your a joke” is number two. And my favorite “If you don’t like it leave” being number three. Now Janey the reason why your beloved Scranton is decaying even further is because we did take your advice and we left. Most likely because of people like you, which left vacancies for street gangs and addicts to occupy. Starting to make sense to you yet? Probably more denial. Most negative comments toward Scranton are from people that had to live there, but no longer do, and are happy to see the local as##oles getting what they deserve.

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