Britni Phillips-Running With A Cause

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Bloomsburg high-school senior Britni Phillips starts her summer track and field training at Bloomsburg University with her coach Tom Hughes. In August Phillips begins her college career in Ohio at Kent State leaving behind a senior season packed with a state championship triple jump of 37 feet 7 inches and another medal a 5th place in the girl's AA 100 hurdles.

"It was a very emotional weekend. Once we knew I won the crowd went wild-my coach practically jumped over the fence from what i heard. I just lost it, because I've been working for that for so long, and my first thought was I can't wait to hear my mom. I can't wait to tell her," said Britni Phillips.

Britni's biggest hurdle this season came off the track an emotional visit back in April out to Glendale Arizona to see her mom LouAnn Martucci-LouAnn is suffering from breast and stomach cancer and her fight gave Britni strength at a time when she needed it the most to get thru the season.

"The first word I said was I did it Mom, and we we're both crying! She's fighting for her life. Right now I truly believe it's me she's fighting to be here with me not physically, but she's still here not in the right state because there are big milestones states, prom, graduation everyone wants their mommy right there with them," again said Britni.

"I usually go with the premise that success is not a destination-it's a journey. Britni is one of the one's that took me on a journey that I've never been on in my life. I've never dealt with a situation like I've dealt with-with her and that's the situation with her mother's illness and the situation with her as an individual and then the situation of her winning a state championship on a 1/2 inch jump," said Tom Hughes.

It's been an 8 year battle for Britni's Mom dealing with cancer her daughter there to help her thru the pain. Now this state champ graduates and moves into the next phase of her life-remembering the good times and thanking all who we're there to help.

"Thank you everyone for supporting me and never take your time with someone for granted. You never know when tomorrow's going to be the last."