100 Gallons of Chemical Spill into Susquehanna River

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100 Gallons of Chemical Spill into Susquehanna River

TOWANDA — About 100 gallons of a solvent similar to kerosene spilled into the Susquehanna River in Bradford County Wednesday afternoon, according to officials with Global Tungsten and Powders Corporation.

Boat crews and EMTs gathered at the company in Towanda. They have been out on the river using absorbent materials to clean up the spill.

Boating and river travel is restricted between Hornbrook Park river access and the Wysox Bridge river access until at least Thursday night.

Officials with Global Tungsten and Powders Corporation believe the spill will be cleaned up by Thursday afternoon in the Susquehanna River in Bradford County.


  • Me

    They don’t WANT you to know how it happened. That’s because this is a cover up scandal. Pa is well known for scandals and cover ups. Probably had to drive a long distance to deliver it for a certain amt. instead of paying the amt they just dumped it in the river so they didn’t have to pay the cost. Don’t expect a cleanup either. In hazleton they let all the gasoline leak underground getting thousands sick and eventually they died from Ll different types of cancers. This area does not care about people. Only THEIR pocketbooks.
    NEPA is the worst !!!!!!

  • Keith Hinkel

    This is really a concern? We do know it was NOT cleaned up, never could have been, then again all the chemicals and pollution in the river from NYS, this spill is nothing. I been around the river for many years, it looks cleaner, still smells, and still dark/cloudy. Would you take a drink of it? Then again this oil spill at lake Ariel is an important spill to clean up completely.

    • BQBM

      That’s what I was thinking, but still the fact of it just spilled into the river random without knowing how it happened is what’s leaving everyone hanging and frowning!

  • Cindi Blazina

    So exactly how do they contain this? Did they forget that the river keeps flowing. I’m not going in the river any time soon. How much got away from them before they assembled all their “absorbent.” What a joke and I’m sure they won’t get into any trouble for it because “they cleaned it up”

  • Real thinking

    this is just a time that they were caught. im sure it happens all the time unreported. give them a slap on the wrist and forget it happened. just like every other “spill” ever

  • DuEast

    So, “Global Tungsten and Powders Corporation,” how did this happen? This article doesn’t explain how you guys spilled this into our river?

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