Two Mothers Behind Bars Accused of Neglecting Their Children

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WILKES-BARRE -- Wilkes-Barre police put two mothers behind bars for separate incidents on Monday.  Officers said both women put their children in danger.

The first, Shakana Leonard, 24, was cuffed after her 20-month-old toddler was found alone on the street Monday evening.shakana leonard endangerment mug

Investigators said the child is now in the godmother's care.

The second, Margareta Felton, 22, was nabbed after cops said she left her five-year-old daughter home alone inside her Sherman Hills apartment on Monday afternoon.margareta felton endangerment mug

Wilkes-Barre Police said they also found crack cocaine and a pipe used for drugs inside the apartment. The low-income complex in Wilkes-Barre has been the scene of many violent crimes and drug activity over the past year.


  • Henry

    And people on welfare wonder why its wrong to be drug tested before they are considered for benefits. I drive a truck for a living and had to be drug tested before employment and have to submit to random drug and alcohol tests to keep my job and my licenses. If you dont do drugs then great you won’t have anything to worry about

  • Rebecca

    I read this, and I know a good, stable married couple, both have jobs, a decent home, and desperately want children, but can’t conceive. It seems like people who shouldn’t have children and don’t take care of them can breed like rabbits. What a shame.

    • tom

      Yes-thet should be neutered not allowed to breed,but they probably will have more kids-once a dumb bimbo-always a dumb bimbo.

  • DuEast

    But they won’t give them up, and they will likely get them back if they promise to change; get cleaned up, promise not to do “this or that” again. If these moms are on public assistance they get more money along with more kids. Not that they should’ve aborted them..I believe life is the right choice, however, one should have children for the right reasons, being because they want them and optimally when in a committed relationship with the father.

    • Gloria

      dueast these black woman r a shame to me n my race. poor example of ne human matter of fact.Shakana i know from previous bs. if they give her kids back to her the state should b brought up on charges.
      protect our kids from monsters no matter who they r

      • DuEast

        My dear, take heart, there are moms of all colors and creeds like this who should never get their kids back ever. We read about them on here ALL the time. B*tches be a horror show. The prisons are full of them. They’re on FB posing from prisons with photos of the very kids they abused… makes me scream.

    • tom

      yes-our tax money will go to keep these dumb broads and their poor unfortunate kids.Tax money will pay a hospital bill when they have another baby.More tax money to keep them going-no end to them on public assistance.nothing will be done to stop ’em.

  • Justice for kids

    I suffer from endometriosis. In short terms, my female parts are constantly attacking themselves and my body. I fight every day of my life to one day hopefully be able to have one more blessing. (I have one 6 yr old daughter). BUT THEN, I see crap like this. Mothers who just have a child, just because they don’t know what protection is. WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE A CHILD ALONE?!?!?!?!?!?!? Sherman hills, or Beverly Hills, IDK. If you are given a child by God, how about step up and act like you are capable of being a parent. OR give them up. Let another person, such as somebody like me, allow that child to be raised the right way. SICK PEOPLE

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