Tractor-Trailer Crash on Interstate 81, Car Flips Over

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In Luzerne County, one person was sent to the hospital after a car and tractor-trailer collided on Interstate 81 northbound.

It happened just after 6 p.m. Tuesday near the Pittston exit.

Officials told Newswatch 16, the tractor-trailer went over the embankment after hitting the car and the car then flipped over sending it down the hill.

The truck driver spoke to Newswatch 16 about the crash.

"Thought I was going over to be honest with you, but I rode that and when I got off I came down in here with it," said truck driver Eugene Jankowski.

The driver of the car was taken to the hospital.

Police have not released his name or condition.

The crash remains under investigation in Luzerne County.


  • Me

    If u seen the way people drive around here. I would never blame a truck driver for an accident again. People drive like complete idiots around here. They’re all from NY and NJ. And we all KNOW how people drive there. Half of them can’t even read English road signs. Most are illegal idiots in this area

  • Me

    I know for a fact in this case it was not. The driver of the van even admitted fault. Stop constantly blaming the truck driver!

    • Thomas Daniels

      It was probably NOT the truck drivers fault. The company I work for has smart drive installed(cameras) in there trucks and since they have had them the car driver was always at fault in collisions. The cameras proved it

  • Ann

    I hate how it’s always the truck drivers fault. Not all truck drivers drive like idiots and think they own the road. That’s just like me coming here and blaming the driver of the car because all drivers in cars are in a hurry and drive like jerks. Would that be fair for me to assume?

  • Gina

    The highway in that specific are is a death trap. I took it daily for class and I was petrified whenever I got between pittston and avoca… The construction has the lanes so tight it’s hard to drive thru considering the potholes you try to avoid in that area as well leave no space to avoid.

  • Mike

    Don’t be quick to blame the truck driver. There is probably a good chance he was cut off in traffic. Not saying that is what happened. But a lot of these accidents happen because of cars cutting off Tractor-trailers

  • bobc74

    Was the truck driver drunk? By the looks of that quote, it sure sounds like he might have been.

    • Helen

      No, the truck driver does not seem drunk. He speech isn’t slurred. He looks fine (especially for someone who was just in a wreck). But, does anyone have any idea what he means by his quote?

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