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Road Worker Injured While Directing Traffic

MOOSIC — A construction worker was hit by a car Tuesday while directing traffic in part of Lackawanna County.

That worker had to be taken to the hospital after being hit where Birney and Pittston Avenues split in Moosic.

Witnesses say he was guiding traffic for a line painting job around 12:30 p.m. when a woman drove into him. The windshield of her car is smashed where witnesses say the workers head hit.

“She was ahead of me when she pulled out. I seen her, whether the sun or what, she actually hit him. He was trying to get out of the way. She hit him and he went flying,” said Gail Moncivas of Scranton.

“We heard him yelling in pain and he’s bleeding. I felt so bad for the man. He’s just trying to do his job,” said Faye Parry of Clarks Summit.

The driver who hit the worker was also taken to the hospital.

Co-workers say the man who was hurt had head injuries. There is no word on his condition.


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