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Priest Sentenced In Sex Assault Of Teen Boy

SCRANTON — A priest will spend up to 23 months in jail after he was caught sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy in Dunmore last year.

Fr. Jeffrey Paulish was sentenced at the Lackawanna County Courthouse to between eight and 23 months in jail.

He pleaded guilty back in January to corrupting a minor.

Fr. Paulish served in several parishes in the Diocese of Scranton, most recently at Prince of Peace in Old Forge.

He was taken to jail after being sentenced.


  • Gloria

    This again is an example of how disgusting,corruptive and evil NEPA justice is…. If we went by the rules of his religion MEN SHALL NOT LIE WITH MEN…. who does that ne way…smfh Nasty pervert should’ve been a knuckle child

  • Is there REALLY FREEDOM of SPEECH ??? If so read this

    I cannot think of anything more disappointing or FAITH ALTERING, then to put your trust in those who claim to be Holy Men, who are to promote and build your faith, then they MOLEST you when Church’s teach about sexual sins etc. then a Person you trust and feel is a representative of God and the church violates you ! 23 Months is NOTHING in my opinion compared to what God’s sentence will be when evil wolfs in sheep’s clothing do this to people who want to be close to God, and as religious representatives they molest you ! God Bless the victims, and bring them emotional, mental, spiritual comfort, Amen !

  • DuEast

    Indeed! 23 months in prison, oh yeah, that’ll teach this pervert a lesson! What a joke! I guess throwing the judge under a bus won’t help because it’s in accordance to the FAULTY laws we have that SO protect our children NOT! Maybe justice will be served when this turdmeister gets out!

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