Orwigsburg Reacts To Army Captain’s Death

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ORWIGSBURG--- Military officials said Tuesday that 29-year-old Army Captain Jason Jones of Orwigsburg has died.

According to the Department of Defense, he died Monday after a small arms fight near Jalalabad, Afghanistan

"It really makes you appreciate what you have. We're playing and all the boys are having a good time, a real exciting game and it really just makes you appreciate what you have knowing there are people out there who are fighting for us like that," said Bill Holler of Orwigsburg.

At the Little League field in Orwigsburg, there were folks who knew Jones.

They did not want to speak on camera. The flag was at half-staff in his honor.

At one point a rainbow appeared over the field.

"It's devastating, and it does make you appreciate your family and simple things like the Little League baseball we watched here," said Brandon Steely of Orwigsburg.

Elsewhere in the borough, a memorial with a wreath and picture of Captain Jones was displayed.

Military officials said Jones was a special forces commander and on his second overseas deployment.

He leaves behind his wife and parents.

"To hear that someone who has accomplished so much is over is fighting for us again, really thankful for people like that and really unfortunate that it happened," said Holler.


  • tom

    So sad.it breaks your heart. When is the US going to realize we can’t police the world.Those nations have lived the way they do for centuries-we are not going to change their minds-they have always lived under absolute monarchs or dictators.As for the Moslem culture-that is their eay of life.Stop foreign aid-keep the money here where WE need it.What makes our pres, & disfunctional congress think they are going to change the world,Our prayers go out to this brave soldiers family.

    • Bea

      Tom you are so right. US needs to take care of our people first. We need to stop sticking our nose where it don’t belong. Prayers go out to this family.

    • Nick

      I appreciate your concern for one of my battle buddies. Unfortunately you have no idea what you are talking about. Don’t use my friends death as a political scapegoat. The MUSLIM culture is not what we are fighting to change. Third world Muslim nations are breeding grounds for people who will fly planes in to US buildings. Kill Americans abroad. The women and children get raped and abused, and have no chance at a decent life. Especially in the Special Forces world we are usually embedded in the culture and do great things for human beings. If we lose site of human dignity we will be attacked from every angle.

  • Chris Marshall

    I served under Cpt Jones on his first deployment. He was my platoon leader. This is the first I’ve heard he even made SF it is so unfortunate to find all this out at once. He was an amazing leader. He had a very calm and respectable demeanor. He was the man that you wanted to follow and wanted to see succeed. When it was time to work he was all business but once the job was done he was your best friend. In the regular Army it is traditional for officers to keep soldiers at an arms length. The belief being if you fraternize with you subordinates you lose some of your leadership potential. With Cpt. Jones this was not the case he was different he could have a very close relationship with his subordinates and inspire others to not only follow his lead but push themselves to be the best. Having had the privilege to see this first hand I understand the loss not only our Army has suffered but more importantly that of his family. My heart goes out to his wife and parents and you will be in my families prayers. Your husband and your son will never be forgotten.

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