Judge Performs Same-Sex Marriage At Courthouse

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SCRANTON -- The first same-sex marriage in Lackawanna County was held on Tuesday morning.

Judge Tom Munley married Samantha Skop, 17, of Scranton and Jessica Latham, 18, who is stationed at Fort Hood in Texas.

Latham, a native of Lackawanna County, told us she wanted to get married before being sent overseas in a couple of weeks.

Last month, Pennsylvania's ban on same-sex marriage was ruled illegal.


  • Karen Macek

    Ladies, please ignore the homophobic comments being made here. Congratulations on your marriage and thank you for your service our country Jessica.

    • dragonflymay21948

      Homophobic??? Really??? You haven’t got a clue! This act and actions done by these two are completely against all decency and respect for what Marriage really stands for for most people!!! Its not just immoral, it is degregating on the purposes of why marriage was instituted by God to begin with…it is against decency and the fact that it makes a mockery of what God intended…it will only bring more heartache as the consequences of this lifestyle reverberate!!! This is a sad situation despite it being called ‘gay’ which used to mean something happy and decent! Nothing decent about this! Its not just these two that this reflects on…so as I said, you have no clue!

  • Open-Minded

    I hate when people say something is unbiblical. Now, I am not too familiar with the bible mostly because I myself am an atheist but if I recall correctly doesn’t the bible say “love thy brother”? If so, just by you super religious people that are calling this unholy or unbiblical you are being unbiblical just by getting all upset over LOVE. Why don’t you go get pissed off at something that is truly evil like rape, murder, torture, etc. Why do you even care any way? What do you get out of being hateful? Hmm? The satisfaction of knowing that you are so sucked into a book, let me repeat that, A BOOK about some man perceived to be a God that chooses your life what you enjoy dislike or in this case believe. People say this will destroy humanity, heh, PLEASE! What about all the war, hate, disease, nope sorry to break it to you but love shall be our downfall. Is it sad that me, a 13 year old, understands life more than a bunch of religious homophobic adults? Have a nice life, and worry about your own troubles instead of spreading your hate to people that honestly don’t care what you have to hate on.

    • dragonflymay21948

      You go by open minded but claim to be an athiest…how open minded us that? If you are indeed a 13 yr.old…you have no idea of what things you speak of…in fact trying to use one line of scripture is also out of context…OK…to use your theory sin being sin I suppose you feel murder is OK, rape us OK, robbing someone blind is OK,… Even a liar will find their part in the Lake of Fire…so unless you school yourself in which you do not believe I see no reason for you to open your mouth until you have all the facts and not just live in fuzzy one liners from what you feel you remember from what I consider sacred! Gods Word is TRUTH…you don’t want the truth since you claim you are an athiest…you don’t want to know where you really came from, so please understand I for one am NOT a hater of anyone, I just know when you defy God’s Word where it will land you…its sad that one so young has no common ground in which to live under a good moral code! I feel very sad for you, and will remember you in prayer…and I WILL be praying for you and that is something you are not able to control! I hope you have time to reflect because I would bet that if you were facing death right now you would have a different tone!

      • Open-Minded

        First off, I’d like to apologize. I might have come off a little more aggressive then I meant to, but I hate when people bring someone down for being themselves and I felt that a lot of hardcore Christians and whatnot would be telling them things that would bring on depression and suicidal thoughts and I myself have felt like that and it sucks. And I guess I should be quoting things that would be in the bible without actual knowing whats in it. I also don’t think I’m much of an atheist anymore, just more of an agnostic after have a long conversation about what happens after death with two good friends (one being a devote Christian, also questioning heaven and hell(all of this really confuses me)). And although being agnostic there is but one time I will ‘pray’, if it would be called that in this situation, and that’s to a close friend that passed in a fire back in December. So again I’d like to apologize for coming off a little too aggressive, may God or whatever you shall choice to believe in treat you kindly in your life.

    • Deb Learn

      The Bible does say to love your brother. The Bible also says that homosexuality is an Abomination to God and that God won’t be mocked. And the Bible says we are to tell a brother when they have fallen into sin so they can ask for forgiveness and repent and turn from their sin. In this way we are helping our brother back up out of sin.

  • toddreeder

    The Scranton Times said the ages were 17 and 21. I guess WNEP got it wrong. And what kind of parent would allow a 21 year old to marry a 17 year old? And they must have been dating for a while before getting married. How are they going to support themselves if they can’t even afford a dime store ring?

  • Grayson DeBlock

    i cant believe people are getting mad about this. i see absolutely nothing wrong with it. i promote it. because sometimes no one knows how to treat you better than someone of the same gender. if you dont like it. move. dont be excluding because everyone is entitled to their own love. learn to be accepting. this is why society is messed up. no one knows how to accept anyone. You could never be good enough because there is always going to be people like you judging everyone.
    it makes me upset to see people judging same sex marriages. worry about your own problems.
    Im atheist, but maybe you should actually read your bible if youre going to be religious here.
    Luke 6:41 – “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”
    Support LGBT Love is Love no matter what.

    • dragonflymay21948

      You must have aBible from the easy-believism culture…but if you want to speak of scripture as an atheist…read Romans 1:18-28…IF you can even understand scripture, it will tell you how God feels on the subject and if you need more references just let me know and I can give you plenty of them that says what YOU need to know!!!

  • Can't believe I'm actually commenting

    I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but some of these comments are just horrible to read. I get that a lot of the hate comes from religious people that don’t believe in this kind of thing and I get where you’re coming from, it’s what you were taught and what you believe to be right, but what ever happened to “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;”. Now I get that gay marriage is upsetting to some, but when you really stop and think about it, besides seeing a 30 second news clip about it happening how has gay marriage becoming legal affected your lives? I guarantee it hasn’t at all. You still wake up and live your lives like you did last month, right? Now you just have something else that’s trivial to complain about. Gay marriage literally only affects the lives of gay people. Live your lives the way you see fit, but don’t judge people for living theirs differently. After all I always thought god was the only one that could judge people, be a good person, that’s what I got out of church as a kid.

    Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know, I hope I don’t go to hell for not hating people enough

    • dragonflymay21948

      I can’t believe you actually feel people who are God fearing people with great respect for God would be hating anyone…by stating what is UNBiblical is not hate, you can take anything out of context but the facts are anyone who does this sort if thing is an abomination to God and if they don’t repent they WILL go to the Lake of Fire on judgment day! Its just a simple fact beyond feeling that what they are doing is disgusting, gross, and life depraving…last I recall we ALL are entitled to free speech! You also feel it is hurting no one in how they decide to live their life…you couldn’t be more wrong…every action done in this life has consequences and shows moral degradation which reflects on our whole society!!! You quoted some out of context scripture, worded wrong and added out of what scripture says…this shows you need to seek knowledge before you make yourself look foolish!

  • Is there REALLY FREEDOM of SPEECH ??? If so read this

    To each his own, but if the whole planet married same sex, in 120 years Humans would be EXTINCT ! It is NOT natural, and men and women’s genatalia are designed to go together as NATURE intended. Now that being said, everyon has a right to choose their own life, but don’t argue that it is normal/natural because it isn’t our the human race would die out in 120 years ! NUFF SAID !

    • rabil

      Even if every person on earth were gay, they would still have children. Many gay couples have their own children. Not sure where you get some of your half-baked ideas. Of course, gay people have to do a bit of planning to have children they actually want. Straight people seem to have a lot children by “accident” they don’t really want. Then they end up abusing or even killing them. Of course, it’s convenient for you to ignore these realities. It’s fortunate we live in a democratic republic and not a theocracy. If you don’t want to marry someone of the same sex – then don’t! No one is forcing you to. Everyone gets to decide for themselves.

      • dragonflymay21948

        You have no clue…IF you ever read the Bible which tells what life choices can bring you would not make such statements…IF everyone in the whole world was foolish enough to do that God would destroy ALL of humanity as He did in the Bible…we were not created for that kind of abominable lifestyle!!!

    • dragonflymay21948

      Because inside they have one as female part and one as male part…they scream that they know the right way BECAUSE of the fact there wasn’t two in veils…think about it…in them doing it that way they are recognizing marriage is male AND female!!!!! The fact that even one had a veil on is a slap in the face of God and humanity!!!!

  • jim

    keep pushing this garbage and that agenda, WNEP. Maybe more Ryan prancing around and acting like a freak ? ewwwwww………..

  • mastermind

    This country is doomed!!!!!!!!!! The new thing will start In California where some scum will want to marry his dog or cat and it will be allowed. It is going to happen!!!!!!!! The filth will inherit this planet and any form of derogation will be up for grabs!!! Get ready people, the revolution is going to start.

    • dragonflymay21948

      This country isn’t doomed, we citizens need to do a better job on who we put in office to oversee our laws…AND God is still on His throne, so when WE His people who are called by His name humble ourselves and turn from our sins He WILL hear from heaven and heal our land…but it better be soon or He will turn us all over to depraved minds!!! This can turn around if we turn our faith back to God and be more responsible in who we put in office!

  • Confused

    18? I went to HS with Latham & she graduated in 2010, so anywhere from 21-22 years old?
    …. Something’s doesn’t seem right here

    • dragonflymay21948

      Mike…it used to be, still should be, but some sick in their heart people decided that the ban on same sex marriage was not a good law and threw it out…I truly don’t think our forefathers would approve of them overturning the law either!

      • dragonflymay21948

        Let’s hope these misguided people find the Lord before their second in earth is over because hell IS vast and there will be MANY who feel their time is over to realize that this life here in a human body was just a journey to eternity…its heaven or hell…everyone has that choice!

    • rabil

      The legal age to get married in Pennsylvania is 18. The only way for 16- and 17-year-olds to secure a marriage license is to obtain the consent of a custodial parent or guardian in front of the official who grants the license. This is Pennsylvania law. You didn’t see anything wrong with this before the law banning same sex marriage was struck down as unconstitutional. Now all of a sudden you are outraged.

    • rabil

      I’m sure the judge is quaking in his boots about this (lol). Why would he worry about an idiot like you?

      • dragonflymay21948

        I refuse to drop to your immoral level so call me whatever your heart desires but DO remember that when you pick on one of God’s children HE doesn’t take it lightly so you might want to watch out for lightening bolts, the ground opening up and swallowing, and way much worse consequences than that…I will be praying nothing happens to you on my behalf because you are already facing bigger consequences unless you repent from your evil ways!!!

      • Deb Learn

        That Judge should quake in his boots, because the Bible says that on judgment day a person in position who willingly helps a brother fall into sin will be judged greater by God.

  • Tim

    Fort Hood, TX is a messed up place. Weird things happen on that Army base. The suicide rate is sky high there.

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