Hearing For Accused Thrill Killers

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SUNBURY -- The defense is seeking to have the murder weapon in the so-called Craigslist thrill kill thrown out.

Miranda and Elytte Barbour were both in court Tuesday for pretrial motions.

They're accused of killing Troy LaFerrara of Port Trevorton last November.

Miranda Barbour's attorneys say there were mistakes in search warrants.

If those warrants are thrown out, prosecutors will not be able to use the knife from the murder as evidence. No decision was made on that.

A judge decided that Elyette Barbour is competent to stand trial, meaning prosecutors in Northumberland County will be able to seek the death penalty.



  • Chuck Manson

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  • Mae

    Oh, how I love when uneducated, ignorant, schmucks voice their opinions. I believe most of you, need to educated yourselves on the job of a defense attorney, and the rights given to us by the Constitution of the United States of America… you know, the county we live in. Whether innocent, or guilty, it is the defenses JOB to assure that the accused is given a fair trial, and that all aspects of the case are closely looked at. This does not mean the attorney himself believes the accused is innocent, or guilty; he is just simply doing his job. The job you would want your attorney to do for you, if you were ever in a situation. This man doesn’t get paid for this; he could do a poor job if he wanted to, but he doesn’t because he believes in his job, and he upholds our constitutional rights. A “jew lawyer”? No. Last time I checked, my family does not go to Temple, but if we did, how would that make him any less of an attorney than the next guy? Bringing racial slurs into your comments, really shows how small minded, and ignorant of a person you are. I highly suggest, you take the time to research into just what a defense attorneys job is, and educate yourself before throwing your words around.

      • Matt Smith

        My sardonic remark regarding the sad fact most people outside the judicial system have no idea what purpose the defense serves will be missed by many, I am sure.

    • Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget.We are Anonymous.

      since when is the constitution upheld these days anyway? what about that chick from florida that killer her daughter and got away with it?

      • Mae

        So, we should allow others bad decisions deplete our belief that there just may be some people out there who still takes those rights seriously? Just because other cases didn’t take those rights seriously, and deploy every bit of effort to uphold those rights then, no one should at all? Please, tell me. If you were the defendant, would you want just some attorney who didn’t care about their job, and who did absolutely nothing? That fact in this case is there were discrepancies with search warrants. Discrepancies caused by the police obviously, and it is written law that causes the possibility for the alleged weapon to be thrown out. The problem isn’t with the attorney; it is not him, himself doing this, but the law itself. There, is where you should have a problem, if you want to have a problem at all.


        I haven’t said a word about the lawyer in this case. Makes no matter to me. The fact of the matter is she confessed to the crime . obviously she stabbed the guy numerous times. Came right out of her mouth. Done.

    • Mae

      Matt Smith. I didn’t think I offended you, but one can never be sure, so I was apologizing sincerely. However, I am happy that someone can understand what I am saying. Thank you.

  • Uncle Billy

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  • C stahl

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