Fire Closes School for a Second Day

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MOSCOW -- Hundreds of students in the North Pocono School District will have the day off again Wednesday after a fire Monday.

Clean up crews were called in Tuesday so that the kids can get back and finish the school year.

The fire started in a technology room North Pocono Intermediate School well after classes dismissed Monday.

Still, there was enough smoke damage that 4th and 5th graders will have at least two days off.

Crews were busy removing debris from inside North Pocono Intermediate School in Moscow after a fire Monday forced the school to close.

Ceiling tiles with mostly smoke damage were hauled out and the area that was affected was closed off. Teachers said the timing of the fire was the best it could have been; after students left for the day.

"If somebody was in the office at that time. It could have been very dangerous, very happy no one was in there when it happened," said tech coordinator Chip DeWolfe.

Technology, it seems, just so happens to be the cause of the fire. It damaged electronics that were under repair or in need of repair.

"We had a laptop, the battery exploded, probably a result of overcharging," added DeWolfe.

Around 6:30 p.m. Monday someone was walking by the tech school room on 2nd floor of North Pocono Intermediate School, saw smoke and called 911. School officials said fire crews did a great job preventing the spread of any damage but still clean up crews have their work cut out for them.

"We have ceiling tiles to replace, that area is not really used by students that much, we'll be able to keep them out of that area of the building," said North Pocono School District Superintendent Bryan McGraw.

With just a couple of weeks left in the year, 4th and 5th graders get an extra two days off and not the snowy, cold kind.

"It was kind of weird and i didn't believe my dad when he first said it," said John Fisher.

"We're probably going to go home after pizza place and play around probably," said Aidan Evans.

The hope is to have the nearly 500 students back in class Thursday at North Pocono Intermediate School. All other schools in North Pocono are not affected.