Dad Gets Prison Sentence For Hurting Daughter

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SCRANTON -- A father who admitted to hurting his 3-month-old daughter was sentenced in Lackawanna County.

Matthew Brown was sentenced Tuesday to 30 to 60 months in prison for breaking his daughter's rib when she wouldn't stop crying.

Brown pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in March.

Investigators said the man was watching the baby at an apartment in Carbondale in October of 2013, when he got frustrated and then squeezed her until she started gasping.


  • Aunt Cheri

    Am not understanding how the news stations can report that he just “broke her rib”! If you count up all of the bones and hearts and lives that he’s shattered and scars that are forever, and pounds lost due to severe depression, no number will suffice. This poor little innocent premie, Amelia, has broken fingers, toes, arm, leg, several ribs and horrible bruises. Some broken bones had healed over various time frames indicating that he had been doing this since her birth. But he only confessed to the last rib incident…only because he was caught red handed and had no choice. Had he not been found out, it would still be going on because he is such a sneaky slithering snake, no one suspected. Amelia can’t crawl like a normal child…she scoots along the floor on her back. She has an arm that is not developing properly. She has many medical issues that are a result of her father’s abuse. When they found out, her Grama Rachel vomited with grief and despair. Her Grampa withdrew and hardly spoke for weeks. We all, her family and many friends, still cry spontaneously when thinking or speaking of the horrors this innocent, beautiful baby suffered. Yet she smiles with joy and her big blue eyes sparkle whenever someone pays her attention. She gets lots and lots of attention. She survived being born way too soon…only to have to survive her own father using her as a punching bag when she finally was able to go home surely hoping for and severely needed nothing but his love and protection. The news stations should have asked someone other than Matthew Brown’s attorney for the whole, horrible story. We need licenses to drive, hunt and fish, get married, even own a pet…but any monster can be a parent license free. He should never be allowed to have another child or even be in a child’s presence. He doesn’t deserve to enjoy their beauty for one second.

  • DuEast

    30 to 60 months? another judge on crack giving us pause to think the life of this pig is more important than protecting little ones who cannot protect themselves. This guy is a dirt-bag and if the court allows him to be around his daughter EVER again before she is an adult then the system is wrought with dirt-bags who care nothing for our children in our communities. If the family allows him ANY contact then they’re dirt-bags too! He didn’t make a “mistake” before you bleeding hearts out there might have some sick sympathy for this loser gets on here and sticks up for him instead of his poor daughter. It’s not like someone doesn’t know you are not supposed to hit an infant. Disgusting! PLEASE don’t tell me the mother is still with him!

    • Aunt Cheri

      Mom is definitely NOT still with him. She has a PFA against him because he repeatedly tries to call her. You are right, tho, he should never be allowed around ANY child, let alone have another to abuse. To feel any compassion at all insults Amelia’s family and friends who also suffered severely. We are all trying very hard to heal her deep, deep wounds.

  • carl

    30-60 years would be more like it- can’t wait til your new neighbors find out what you are incarcerated for……

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