Counties Bring in Millions From Drilling Impact Fees

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LENOX TOWNSHIP -- If you take a ride around Susquehanna County it won't be long before you realize natural gas drilling is one of the county's biggest industries.

Over the years hundreds of wells have popped up, bringing jobs and now more impact fee money to the county.

"I think that it's a good thing. It's nice for our area to get that kind of money it has had an impact on our area and that money can go to good use," Rick Aney of New Milford said.

"I think it's a good deal that we're getting something to repair our roads and take care of the damage that's being done with the heavy traffic and all," Harold Ely of Art Lake said.

Susquehanna County is just one of many counties in our area that will get some of the millions of dollars in impact fees.

Lenox Township is in line for more than $400,000.

Lenox Township supervisor Fred Benson showed us one of the townships newest vehicles. It was paid for from previous impact fee money.

He said since Pennsylvania started a drilling impact fee, the township has been able to fix its roads and buy new equipment. He hopes this program is here forever.

"I hope it stays right here. Don't take it away, as long as the legislatures and the senate keeps it here we'll be alright," Benson said.


  • Keith Hinkel

    Well good-O. But state is 2 billion $$$ in debt; I see no improvements in the counties around where I live; all crying poor/broke; so where is this tax revenue? Ah I suppose it is going in political pockets as usual.

  • richen

    If the state puts a tax on the gas drillers the money will go to the larger cities. Corporations do not pay tax, people do.

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