COLTS Bus Driver Assaulted After Road-Rage Incident in Scranton

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SCRANTON ---Police in Scranton said a woman driving a COLTS bus was assaulted by another woman in a road-rage incident Tuesday evening.

Officers told Newswatch 16 it started when a car cut off the bus on going north on Washington Avenue in downtown Scranton.

The bus driver,  Angela Bonafide, 48, told police she beeped at the driver who then followed her to the bus stop.

Bonafide told police that's when the driver managed to get inside the bus and began cursing at her and grabbed her shirt. She then got off the bus.

Bonafide said that's when she got out of the bus to write down the car's license plate number when the woman driving the car punched Bonafide in the head several times and then took off in her car.

Police in Scranton are still investigating.


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