Charges Filed Over Abandoned Dogs

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LARKSVILLE — Nearly a year after abandoning three dogs in a hot house, police in Luzerne County say a man from Philadelphia surrendered Tuesday morning.

Tyrice Paulin was arraigned in Larksville. He’s accused of leaving the dogs last July in a house along East Broadway Street in Larksville.

Police say the dogs were malnourished. The animals have since been adopted.

Paulin is charged with cruelty to animals in Luzerne County.



    I can’t stand to see an abused child or animal. How could you hurt a creature that can’t defend itself against you? Terrible people!!!

  • smokey

    abuse to animal is just as bad as child abuse we need tougher laws for criminals that do these crimes i say give this person 10 years in jail register as animal abuser if they fail to to so in so days they pay for court cost. also this person is found guilty for the crime they should pay for the medical bills reguard less what the person makes this douche bag should get the book and key thrown at them also have them put in medial ward for farther evaluation and also have there face posted what they state they live so people know not to let them bred or sell anthor animal again if they catch them in the act of selling or breeding anthor animal they call local law inforcement and also have them on crimal cracks back ground checks as well those ideas would be best for crimals and abusers .

  • smokes

    just lock him away for good any one that hurts a animal as bad as one that hurts a child as well.

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