Woman Walking the Streets Robbed at Gunpoint

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SCRANTON – Scranton Police are looking for two people who robbed and threatened a woman on the street late Sunday night.

Authorities said two robbers targeted a woman in the 1500 block of Pittston Avenue around 11 p.m. Sunday.

Scranton police have not said what the people stole.  Officers do say the robbers used a gun in the hold up.

Anyone with information on this armed robbery is asked to call Scranton Police at 570-348-4134.


  • e

    I really enjoy it when people try to talk tough on these comment boards. LOL. If the gun toting rednecks of Scranton are so tough and fearless then why are they letting minorities take over their beloved area? Why are they abandoning their favorite corner bars without a fight? I’ve heard countless locas talk tough about planning to kill gang members and minorities if the violence comes to Scranton, well it’s arrived in their neighborhood and I haven’t read about a local man killing several gang members yet. Lol. Because they are nothing but talk, and obviously scared or else why would they be carrying guns? Before the stupid responses flood in let me say that every redneck I have encountered has been carrying a pistol as long as I can remember, long before the current “demographic shift” of Scranton, so dont try to use it as an excuse. I’ve noticed that what makes the Scranton locals most angry isn’t so much the influx of minorities, its realizing that the white locals are actually cowards with big mouths that carry guns to keep them safe when they run said big mouth. Even with a pistol in their hand Scranton locals are scared of minorities. Better get used to dark skinned people because most in Scranton are too proud and/or stupid to move. Ha ha ha!

  • Ted

    This is why I carry a weapon nowadays.
    I know first hand that a thug gets religion real quick when he’s a target too.

  • Chas

    Some of these scum need a bullet to the head and left to die on the street. Maybe then others will think twice.

  • lkreu

    George – to you it might be the armpit of PA – if you live here, leave. If not, shut up! There has been two murders since the beginning of the year – why not take a look at Wilkes-Barre, Williamsport – there are much worse places to live.

  • IS THERE REALLY FREEDOM OF SPEECH ??? If so, read this !

    What color is the Victim ? What color is the Gun Toting Robbers/Suspects ???

  • Kevin

    Hope she’ll start carrying a weapon on her from now on. I don’t know why she was walking alone in that city anyways. She’s lucky to be alive

  • George V

    Mistake number 1….walking alone late at night in Scranton. Scranton….the armpit of PA. day after day week after week and year after year, we ALL hear about a robbery, assualt and or murder in Scranton, you would think a lone female would think twice before heading out, late at night to walk the streets of Scranton. Sucks when you have to think twice about going out for a walk alone… but the scum in Scranton…prey on those who do just that.

    • DuEast

      What people like LKREU fail to realize is that the crime rate is skyrocketing in Scranton on ALL levels of crime. Yeah there is crime elsewhere in NEPA, but Scranton is in first place overall..just saying. And Wilkes-Barre is right next door, and that isn’t doing to well either. If your officials starting with your mayor doesn’t do something soon like a MASSIVE clean sweep; you are destined to become a cesspool of deviants.

      • former resident

        The mayor from Hazelton tried and it worked. He got a promotion to Washington DC and got out of Hazelton. Too bad the rest of the people could not get the same promotion and job transfer. There is only 1 way out and it is hard and long. Some way some how you have to attract higher income people there. They have to build high end homes there and must begin to out number the slime people. Once this happens the property values rise and force said slime out. It happens all the time. It is called gentrification. People see the value of a bad place, invest in it , and the improvements make it too valuable /expensive for the dredge of society. Off they run like rats to ruin another hood. Trick is to get those well off good people to come. I am not sure how it happens but it does. Maybe start some kind of campaign. I mean you got some good colleges there. This is attractive.

    • DuEast

      And yeah, a woman walking alone at 11 pm is like an open invitation for trouble. Too bad we can’t live that free; but it is what it is..

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