Talkback 16: Suspect in the Homicide of NY State Trooper, Release of a POW

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TALKBACK 16:  In tonight's Talkback 16, people are voicing their opinions on the suspect in the homicide of a NY State Trooper, the release of a POW, and a woman who was charged in connection with the death of her baby boy.


  • Lee

    Obama said he would close that jail and if he cannot close it . He will let them free just like he did with these top 5 .How do you that voted for him like the change now. Let’s see what he has done. 1. gave all the people INCLUDING Illegal’s insurance at the cost of the rest of us and some insurance has raised over 300% and reduced benefits and it is not over yet..2. released terrorists for a traitor . Did nothing to Hillary Clinton that stated she did wrong and also that she don’t care about those that died as in Benghazi as it is the same as those dieing in the streets. If you think it is right what he has done then you are in the wrong country.

  • David Knott

    We’d really like channel 16 to report the facts correctly Sgt Bergdahl was never listed as a POW. He walked away from his post. Another glaring example of channel 16’s in ability to report the news fairly. 16 always leans to the left.

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