State Trooper Hurt in Shootout

WEST HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- A state trooper is in the hospital Monday morning after trading gunfire with a man in Dauphin County.

Authorities said the trooper approached a person who was hitting mailboxes with his vehicle near Harrisburg Sunday night.

That 49-year-old man then opened fire, hitting the trooper.  Investigators said the officer shot back.

Both were rushed to the hospital.  Authorities have not released their names or conditions.


  • DuEast

    It IS time to bring these NEPA=Neanderthal imbeciles under control; half of them are older residents like this guy so it’s not just the young people. So tired of hearing; “oh he was on drugs, or oh he is mentally ill..” it’s time to get them of the roads and out of town! IT’s gotten so we need “Imbecile Camps.”

    • DuEast

      *time to get them OFF the road* now we got our like and dislike buttons, we need a 5 minute edit button!

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