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Neighbors Feel Unsafe at Night After Shooting

WILLIAMSPORT — There was a deadly shooting outside a hookah lounge in Williamsport over the weekend.

Police are still searching for the suspect.

Newswatch 16 spoke with other businesses in the neighborhood that say it’s become more dangerous to be out in the city late at night.

Balloons and teddy bears serve as a quiet reminder of the weekend’s deadly shooting on West 3rd Street in Williamsport.

Police believe Rashwan Williams shot and killed Aaron Lowry from North Carolina after the two got into an argument over a woman.

The shooting happened outside the Lamp House Hookah Lounge.

“The violence is getting pretty hard around here. I mean, we never had this kind of business, shootings and carrying ons in this town,” said Deloris Snyder of Williamsport.

Snyder works at Mom’s Deli and Diner right next door to where the shooting happened. She said some parts of Williamsport have become more dangerous and some of her customers agree.

“I just don’t go out at night,” said Richard Dibble.

People who work on the street where the shooting happened said a new business, like the Hookah Lounge is a good thing, but because the business is open so late a shooting or a fight is more likely to happen.

“It’s nights when everything breaks loose and everybody goes wild,” said Snyder.

“That could be anywhere at 2 o’clock in the morning. People are drunk at that time. It could have even been that,” said Thomas Stortenbecker.

Stortenbecker from Hughesville has never been to the Lamp House, but he says he’s visited a hookah bar out of the area.

“It’s flavored tobacco. You get strawberry, kiwi. They even let you mix the flavors if you want,” said Stortenbecker.

He said people get the wrong impression.

“I think people hear you’re smoking and they think you’re doing something illegal in there. They would get shut down if they were, so obviously that’s not going on in there,” Stortenbecker added.

The police are still searching for the shooting suspect, Rashwan Williams. They believe he has left the area. If you know where he is, call Williamsport Police.


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