Flames Rip Pine Grove Building

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PINE GROVE -- Flames ripped through a vacant building in Pine Grove Monday afternoon.

The place caught fire around 1 p.m. according to emergency officials.

Pictures submitted to PhotoLink show flames shooting from the building.

The fire was so intense, some cars and neighboring buildings are also damaged.

The streets in Pine Grove were filled with dozens of fire trucks trying to douse a three-alarm fire at an old condemned building.

Neighbors watched as the heat from the flames melted siding on homes, while dozens of volunteers worked to contain the damage.

Hose after hose ran along Spruce Street in Pine Grove. A massive fire started at what neighbors say is a condemned factory building.

Dan Hoy said he heard it all begin.

"I was working in the garden and I heard a pop, and the guy who was working over in the building started yelling and cursing and going on."

His wife Margaret snapped a photo of flames shooting out of the roof and called 911.

Dan Hoy rushed to move their two cars.

Other neighbors weren't so lucky while the flames began spreading.

Bill Griffiths used his garden hose to try to save what he could, but his siding took a big hit.

"You couldn't stand out here in the alley or in the street, because the heat was that intense. It just burned you. The grass was starting to catch on the other side of the houses and everything."

Because of how high the flames were shooting, fire officials told us it took more than 15 trucks and 65 to 70 volunteers to get this blaze under control.

One of those volunteers was sent to the hospital with heat exhaustion

Fire officials said the blaze damaged the sides of several nearby homes and a few cars.

"It looks like a lot of external damage, nothing internal. We did have crews go through all the buildings to check for any fires inside which all came up negative," said North End Assistant Fire Chief Nick Miller.

Officials said they are searching for whoever was inside the building when the fire started to figure out what sparked the blaze

Nearby neighbors said they're working to call their insurance companies and mop up the mess.

"I don't know what to say, start over, not much more you can do about it, try and save what you have."

Fire marshals have been called into investigate this three alarm fire.