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Suspect Sought in Killing Outside Hookah Lounge

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WILLIAMSPORT--  Detectives believe a dispute over a woman lead Rashwan Williams to shoot and kill a North Carolina man outside the Lamp House Hookah Lounge on West Third Street early Sunday.

Investigators say the victim, a 30-year-old father and construction worker, was shot once in the torso and died at the hospital a short time later.

Police believe that the dispute started at a local bar and moved to the hookah lounge, before the fatal shooting on the sidewalk.  Detectives believe that the victim was in Williamsport to work on a project at the YMCA and was staying in a hotel.

Investigators suspect that Williams has left Pennsylvania, and may be headed south. They have issued a warrant for his arrest.

The victim has not been identified yet, because officials have not been able to notify his family.

Nurse Karen Marlett is a member of Williamsport's heroin task force and hoped the hookah bar would be a relaxed, alcohol-free addition to the city's nightlife.

"A safe place to go, and alternative place to spend some time," said Marlett.

Hookahs are water pipes used to inhale flavored vapors, while they have been used for centuries, they have recently gained popularity in among young people in the US.


  • Dave Fagerstrom

    The victim was not working on a project at the YMCA. The victim (God rest his soul) was working at a construction site in town, which is the new YMCA construction project.

  • Is there REALLY FREEDOM of SPEECH ??? If so read this

    GUN CONTROL NOT THE ANSWER FOR LAW ABIDING CITIZEN’S ! Here is why, I read in the Paper this morning that this Black guy is from Philly ( Wow a real Surprise Not ! ) PHILiamsport, thug is a CONVICTED Felon, not to possess a firearm, did that stop him from carrying one ??? NO ! So how would control some liberals would like solve Gun violence ? It wouldn’t ! We would just be robbed and shot more often from law breaking trash like this guy ( CONVICTED FELON ) And that EVIL Black Monster who took that Cab Drivers life ! So sick of the TRASH !

  • Is there REALLY FREEDOM of SPEECH ??? If so read this

    Was his victim white ? Seems lately lots of Black gun violence aimed at White folk !
    Bet the gun was stolen, and this guy has no permit to carry it ! So sick of gun toting trash in our towns !

    • Is there REALLY FREEDOM of SPEECH ??? If so read this

      I was CORRECT yesterday in my above post ! This Black Guy is a convicted Felon, prohibited from carrying a firearm, according to the Williamsport Paper June 2,2014 and therefore it WAS ILLEGAL just as I knew, we all knew ! The scum ALWAYS have Guns !

    • Kayla

      Your blatant racism is disgusting. Pull your head out of your special place and get out of backwoods PA.

  • DuEast

    Somebody forgot to tell that sack of crap that guns aren’t supposed to be used for little boy games. What a useless turd. Hope they find him and lock him up where the sun never shines. Sympathies for the family of the victim.

  • jbrony

    There are many relaxing, alcohol-free things to do after hours. But when you have people with no regard for life it doesn’t matter what the venue is.It’s time to bring back old sparky and rid the earth of this vermin.

    • bobc74

      Yes, there are many relaxing, alcohol-free things to do after hours. For example, going to bed so you can get up in the morning and be a productive member of society instead of a criminal.

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