Man Killed in Williamsport Shooting

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    Reading these comments, is just sad in itself. Black blame the whites, the whites blame the blacks. WE ARE ALL PEOPLE!!! Drugs, don’t know color. Guns, don’t know color. Why does it matter if the person is black or white?? Last time I checked, our media CHOOSES to broadcast the black crimes more than the white. THIS is for a purpose. They divide us all to the point that living in a place like I do, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by hicks and ignorance, God forbid if a black man decides he is thirsty and needs a soda at our gas stations. My little girl lives in Williamsport. She goes to school there. She has black, puerto rican, white and everything in between in her class. She is a freckle faced white girl with light skin and light hair. SHE DOES NOT SEE COLOR!!!!!!! She sees other children in her class (with a dark skinned teacher) ((who I must add is a great woman)) she sees kids learning and growing with her. This racism, needs to stop. What are we teaching our children?!


      FYI to all the racist jerks, drugs were in Williamsport long before anybody from Philly showed up. You know why they come to williamsport? WHO CARES!? When a white person moves, no questions asked. EVER. When a black family decides they would like for their children to have a chance in this world and go to a city where they feel would be more accepting and less dangerous for their kids, OH.. they are just moving to sell drugs. Morons! If I did drugs, I could name you more whites than blacks that I could buy from right now. WAKE UP OR SHUT UP

  • philly.b

    you racest people williamsport kill me. yall blame everything on people from philly but its the white drug addict junkies of williamsport who is killing williamsport. The reason people from philly new york and new jersey come to the port is because yall white people is dumb enough to pay three times the regular price for drugs. no black people is over dosing on drugs thats yall people. its yall people who stealing guns from yall family and selling them to get drugs. its yall people who robbing movie theatres gas stations and dollar stores to get drugs. its the white woman of the port who take guys on drug runs harbor them in they house and lie to the police.this is not a philly problem. its a drug problem problem that white people is on the front line of. yall doing it to yall self so blame your own kind.

    • DuEast

      People are just ignorant is all. It’s all too EZ to ignore the crimes committed by their own kind, and focus on racism, which is so prevalent in this area I feel like I am stuck in a time-warp. The sexism amongst the white-bearded Neanderthals is SO awesome too. I come from a city where the criminals were just as diverse as the population itself and whites were the crime “Lords,” and they exploited people of color AS WELL AS their own kind.
      Besides, what about the pedophiles, baby-shakers, meth-heads, etc…the last time I looked all the criminals in my area were white because that’s what lives here.
      Anyone who knows anything at all knows that crime comes in all colors and creeds. They just got their heads so far up that dark and smelly place they can’t see nor handle the truth.

  • Rebecca

    The Williamsport Sun Gazette reported the alleged shooter is Rashawn Jeffrey Williams, 32, of Philadelphia. Apparently Mr. Williams shot and killed a man who was trying to defend a woman Williams was attempting to assault.

    Too bad the Constitution forbids rounding up everyone from Filthadelphia and sending them back.

  • Lee is a the Roy

    Sorry, but most shooters in PHILiamsport, ( Williasmsport, known as Billtown, but really KILLTOWN now with these Gangsta Shooters ) are Black ! Like the Devil in Scranton who killed that poor Mr. Darbenzio the cab driver. If you doubt me look up the archives, usually blacks shooting blacks over in PHILiamsport, and usually Philly Influx ! I hear Hazleton sucks also ! So ME I agree with you on your take also, that is why I THUMBS UPPED you !


      What does a man from Scranton have anything to do with this situation in Williamsport?! You think because they are both black, they magically know each other and got together over coffee to decide who should do what crime? Let’s go back to the kids for cash…. how many BLACK people were involved in that!?

  • Me

    This is the type of element your elected officials wanted here. Low income workers from third world countries. America has sold out to cheap labor and low wage distribution jobs. And they know the only people who will work for petty wages are mexicans and Dominicans. Welcome to the NEW America, filled with drugs, thugs, mexicans, low income jobs and worthless politicians who do nothing but steal , cheat, and lie their way to get what they want. No matter who suffers.
    Little Philly ?? Come to hazleton if you want to see a TRUE GHETTO !!!!

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