Thief Steals Tips from Restaurant

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ZERBE TOWNSHIP --  Authorities are looking for the thief who took off with tip jar in Northumberland County.  State Police said Wednesday afternoon someone stole the jar from Hannah's Restaurant near Shamokin. The tip jar contained about $125.  Anyone with information is asked to call State Police at (570) 286-5601.


  • Gloria

    sounds like a pill head heroin addicted local junky scored himself a bundle or 2 …. GO LOCALS>>> NEPA BABY MOUTHS YOU GUYS SHOULD STEAL TEETH NEXT THEY ARE VALUABLE IN THIS REGION

  • Is there REALLY FREEDOM of SPEECH ??? If so read this

    As a victim of theft myself a few times on my life from Bicycles, to Thousands of $$$ and My Grandmother having her purse robbed when I was little, I am all for CUTTING OFF A THIEF’S HANDS ! If a crook knew the penalty for stealing was getting a hand cut off for first offense, and 2nd for second offense, there would be a LOT LESS theft in the Country, this country babies criminals, that is why our society is dangerous !

    • mdog

      Exactly, i know of a thief who had his thieving hand mangled stealing a heavy object.
      They come in many forms and most are very good at deception.
      They also never stop.They need trophy objects and or money.
      Some do not even need the money.
      Im just glad God took justice on the one i know.Many yrs ago.
      Sadly he still has his “trophies” he stole from me.

      • Kato

        OJ, is that you? Your Heisman Trophy was taken as part of the civil settlement with the Goulds, it wasn’t stolen

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