Strawberry Season Right Around the Corner

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The fields at Tom Styer Farm and Market near Muncy are empty now, but soon they will be filled with people picking strawberries.

"Watch for the sign and when they're here I have to come out quick because they're gone really quick," Rita Feigles said.

Farm owner Tom Styer says customers keep asking when the strawberries will be ready to pick. He says the past two years, strawberry season came early.

"That makes them seem late this year but they're just about on time," Styer said.

Styer says he expects the strawberries to be ready in about a week.

"Well they're looking good. I think they need more time to grow up. They're still small but they'll get there," Styer said.

Styer says the weather over the next couple of days will determine when this year's strawberry season will start. He says he is hoping for hot, sunny weather because that's what these berries need to grow.

"If it gets real hot and humid they'll be quicker, but if it stays cold like yesterday and today, add a couple of days," Styer said.

Styer says the cold winter did have an impact on his crops.

"The plants look okay. Not what I wish they were but they look okay. We try to keep straw on them so they are protected all winter and they are coming along," Styer said.

Styer's customers say they are excited to pick strawberries. Rita Feigles says she drives by the fields almost every day to see if they're ready.

"Strawberries are always good. Who doesn't get excited about strawberries, anyway," Feigles asked.

Styer says strawberry season usually lasts about 2-3 weeks, and he expects it to start between June 5th and June 10th.


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