Shelter Looks into Malnourished Dog Found in Lackawanna County

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SCOTT TOWNSHIP — A severely malnourished dog found in Lackawanna County now has authorities looking for it’s owner.

The humane officer at Griffin Pond animal shelter said a pit-bull mix was dropped off early Friday morning after Carbondale police found it wandering on North Main Street in the city.

The officer said the dog came in extremely hungry and is 10 to 15 pounds underweight. Now they want to know who allowed the animal to get this way.

Anyone who recognizes the dog is asked to call Griffin Pond Animal Shelter in Lackawanna County.


  • Raven

    Please lets find the owner, I found a dog and he looks exactly like that one, right down to still being as skinny as when we found him. I found him near Carbondale at a Park Merli Sernoski’s he was just left there, we were the last people there and I did not leave him, if my pup is a relative of this one then they do not deserve to have dogs, and maybe have more that are underfeed.. please help us find the owners,

  • Snshn

    It’s very true that sometimes a dog can slip out of their collar.
    Although, I notice in the picture this dog does have a collar on.
    Was this on the dog when found? Or placed there afterward?

  • Ashley Dancho

    Maybe he was lost? Dogs can end up far from where they started . Sometimes owners don’t know how to look for a lost dog. Ours ended up 35 miles from home and we would never have thought to look there for her, except for the wonderful woman who called in response to our ad and told us she found our dog and she was taken to a shelter. Our dog ended up spooking from a gun shot and slipped her collar. It can happen no matter how careful you are.

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