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UPDATE: Parents Charged 3 Months After Baby Died in Recliner

NANTICOKE — Parents of an infant that unexpectedly died in Luzerne County were arraigned on criminal charges Friday.

Tracey Gonda and Corey Eckrote surrendered to authorities and were charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment at district court in Nanticoke.

Authorities said 2½-month-old Jaxon Eckrote died on Valentine’s Day from asphyxiation and compression injuries from a recliner chair.

Court documents said the infant was on Gonda’s shoulder when she fell asleep in a reclining chair.

According to detectives, Gonda eventually admitted that the child slid off of her shoulder and became wedged in the reclining chair, where it later died.

An attorney for Gonda’s ex-boyfriend said Corey Eckrote should not face the same serious charges, because he was asleep in another room when the baby died.

Gonda and Eckrote were released on bail after the charges were filed in Luzerne County.


  • Staller

    Sounds like a bunch of nonsense there should be no charges. Seems like a really tragic accident. These things happen it’s life and sad at that. A mother fell asleep holding her child and an accident occurred how about let these people have there peace and greve. And try catching the real criminals. Our government sucks, our law system sucks, and our cops do whatever they want.

    • gladys

      Accident??? What kind of mother doesn’t know where her child is and leaves him there. That mother is a waste of space on this earth! She was am unfit mother to her newborn and the son that was taken away from her. Only loved her booze, coke , and pills.

      • Rose

        Do you even know these people? And yeah it is sad and she shouldn’t have felt asleep with the baby on her shoulder! Point blank some people shouldn’t have kids! Just saying.

      • Rose

        No I don’t know who they. And I agree with you. I mean no I don’t have children but I watched my nephews and I’m 19 I have more common sence then some of these people.

  • DuEast

    “And compression injuries?” So it wasn’t just a matter of the baby slipping in the crevice of the cushion of the thing, the recliner was it closed up on the baby? SMH..

    • Lori

      Without those “unfit male reproductive cells”, children aren’t conceived. I’m very sorry for whatever tragedy you may have had happen to you to view men as you do, but this was a horrible accident. No one was to blame here and both parents grief is enough of a punishment. The man was at work when this occurred, providing for his family. A mother, probably unknowingly exhausted, sat down to nurse her child and feel asleep. A horrible accident to be sure. Don’t be so presumptuous.

      • gladys

        Nurse her baby!!Seriously? I know only a fool argues with a fool, fool. She would have been court ordered not to nurse the baby because she fed coke to that innocent baby for nine months! Learn the facts before commenting. Too many stupid people on this earth.

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