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Man Killed in Motorcycle Crash near Fairgrounds

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LAMAR TOWNSHIP — State Police spent  hours at the scene of a deadly crash in Clinton County.

It happened late Friday afternoon in Lamar Township near Mill Hall on Auction Road.

State troopers told Newswatch 16 a motorcycle and another vehicle collided as the other vehicle tried to cross the intersection of State Route 220 near the Clinton County Fairgrounds.

The coroner said a 69-year-old man from Huntingdon on the motorcycle died.

The victim’s name has not been released.

The deadly crash remains under investigation in Clinton County.



  • Adolfo

    Βased on Walt Disney, curiosity directs us down new paths.
    I’m curious to ѡalκ along this path together with
    you and find exactly where it ɡoes.


    Hey Blake ! I REST MY CASE ! They are Death Cycles ! And one took ANOTHER Person Life, an unfortunate young man who had his whole life ahead of him ! God Bless his soul ! Go see, they are not safe end of story Blake !

    Motorcycle Crash Kills Man
    Posted 7:10 pm, June 1, 2014, by Kim Schuetrum W N E P

  • Blake

    There are only two types of drivers as well, the ones that don’t care and don’t look for motorcycles and the ones that do. Sad to say that the majority if people on the road are part of the first group. If only people would pay more attention and take a few extra seconds to just LOOK, motorcycle would not be nearly as dangerous. So for everyone reading this, please just make sure you look for us on motorcycles out there.


      BLAKE that is my point, even IF you ride the Motorcycle safely and properly your eventually most likely still going down ! Why ? A drunk driver, a tired driver, someone texting, someone going to fast, someone with their head up their @*s day dreaming. So even if riding safely, wearing a helmet, odds are your going to encounter a driver mentioned in this reply, and IF you do, sad to say, your gonna be on the losing end ! Limb, life, Brain Function !


    Sad to say, but there is only 2 kinds of Motorcycle riders, those that went down, and those that are going down !
    I tried to tell my daughter in college this truth, and she defied my wisdom, so she got off with a severe burn on her leg for starters, next time she may lose a limb, part of her face or even her life ! These things are DEATH Cycles in the end ! My Uncle was killed on one at 26

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