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Business Owner Plans To Add Security Cameras After Break-In

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MCHENRY TOWNSHIP--Fin Fur and Feather trading post is in the center of a quiet wooded area outside Lock Haven. It's surrounded by cabins and vacation homes. The owner, Clay Comb says he never expected someone to break in to his store and take things, but over Memorial Day weekend that's exactly what happened.

"They didn't do any vandalism in here but they pretty much took all the cash they could find." said Cory Comb.

Comb says someone came in through an open window or the back door on Sunday night.

"They came in stole our cash register. Cigarettes." said Comb.

In all Comb says the burglar got away with about 35 hundred dollars in cash and cigarettes. It's a big hit for the store on one of the busiest weekends of the year.

"Winter time is dead, but summer time all kinds of people are here and they do a good business. Matter of fact, the day they robbed him was one of their really good days." said Howard Miller, Haneyville.

Howard Miller is a regular customer of the diner at Fin, Fur and Feather. He lives nearby.

"We don't have this stuff going on up here." said Miler.

The same night of the burglary a car was also broken into nearby. It was caught on camera.

People eating breakfast at Fin Fur and Feathers say they don't think anyone will ever be able to identify who the person in the picture is.

"This one here you can't tell. You'll never catch him or her whatever it is whoever it is." said Miller.

Police are still investigating both break-ins.

" It's just kind of an eye-opener that we might need to tighten up security." said Comb.

Comb has already bought surveillance and plans to install them around his store soon.


  • Mad In Hazleton

    Well it’s about time, but security cameras will not stop these thugs from robbing you…..get a conceal carry permit and next time a thug comes in shoot him. once the word is out the thugs will stop.

    • Ted

      The break in happened overnight when the place was closed.
      There was nobody there to shoot him.

  • Garrett smith

    You know the saying , the time to do something isn’t after you’ve been ripped off

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