Talkback Feedback: Same-Sex Marriage

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This was a historic week in Pennsylvania as, across the state, the first same-sex couples started getting married.

We take your calls on that and clear up some rumors in this week's Talkback Feedback.


  • Grayson DeBlock

    i cant believe people are getting mad about this. i see absolutely nothing wrong with it. i promote it. because sometimes no one knows how to treat you better than someone of the same gender. if you dont like it. move. dont be excluding because everyone is entitled to their own love. learn to be accepting. this is why society is messed up. no one knows how to accept anyone. You could never be good enough because there is always going to be people like you judging everyone.
    Before you look at the sawdust in their eyes, check the mirror to see the plank in yours.
    Support LGBT Love is Love no matter what.

  • mastermind

    I’m no bible thumper but this is just plain SICK, and what is wrong with this country!!!!!!!

  • mastermind

    In the end is where they will be taking each other come honeymoon time!!!! Sick, perverted pigs!!!!!

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