Power To Save: Recycling Tires

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SCRANTON -- Lackawanna County wants to help you get rid of your old tires in a safe way.

"What we try to do is give the residents of Lackawanna County an opportunity to get the tires that are in their basement, garage, yard, whatever out of that area and recycled properly.," said Barbara Giovagnoli, the recycling manager for Lackawanna County.

The  recycling manager said the old tires can be breeding spots for mosquitoes. Not to mention, tires on the side of a the road can be a bit of an eyesore.

"Piles of tires seem to turn into larger piles of tires so they can truly be attractive nuisances," said Giovagnoli.

There is a fee for the recycling. Car tires are $2 and SUV tires cost $3. But most people who were dropping off tires, didn't mind paying a fee.

"Cleaning out the garage so it`s a great perk to be able to do this," said Cathy McBride from Old Forge.

Blakely Borough brought three truck loads of old tires its workers collected from residents.

"You find some dumped here, some dumped there. Now we're not seeing that problem anymore because people are getting rid of them they way they should be disposed of," said Tony Trojanowicz from Blakely Borough.

Recycling experts say not only is it safe to bring your tires here for recycling, it also means these car tires can be made into a future playground.

"Very safe places for our kids to play, roll around, fall and not get injured. Mouse pads for our computers to anti-fatigue mates for those who might work in factories or this recycling center," said Giovagnoli.

The County will be collecting the tires through Saturday. You can check out the schedule and locations here.