Guilty Plea in Deadly Snow Thrower Shooting Case

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WILKES-BARRE – The Luzerne County man accused of shooting and killing a friend during a fight over a snow thrower pleaded guilty to third-degree murder in court this afternoon.

Brian Pavia was immediately sentenced to spend six-to-twelve years in state prison for the killing of John Dulsky in Forty Fort back in December.

At a preliminary hearing, Pavia claimed he pulled the trigger in self-defense.

The shooting victim’s mother told Newswatch 16 that she is relieved that a trial was avoided, but the family is struggling to raise Dulsky’s 5-year-old son.

“That was the hardest thing to tell a little boy that his father has died. He was waiting for him to come to take him to Chucky Cheese and McDonalds, like we did every week,” said Margaret Czerpak. “They were friends. What happened, there’s a lot of questions unanswered. We may never know.”


  • ME

    A man is dead over a snow thrower. What is wrong with people that violence is the answer to everything?

    • Gloria

      real men go fist 2 cuff not run 4 gun… now he’s wobbling with his cane trying 2 look like a fragile old pale man who killed n self defense… 6 to12 4 muder and black ppl from out of town get 5-10yrs for selling already heroin addicted local junkies their liquid death wish…smh Why not we all(blackppl) kill over a snow thrower claim self defense and be home in 6 yrs…drunken white is right in nepa

      • E

        Wow. Did you really just quote “fist to cuff”. Wow. So you recommend a lower level of violence to solve a problem instead of no violence? You were clearly born and raised in this area with your comment being proof. It’ no surprise people from this region would believe such idiotic concepts as “white opression”. I’m going to say this again so pay attention. If white people can’t make it in this country, with all of the advantages WE have, then we are either lazy, stupid or making repeated stupid decisions that negatively affect our lives. Everything else is just bulls**t to make you feel better about yourself.

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