Boy Scout Helps the Homeless

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SCRANTON --- A teen from Dickson City lent a very special hand to some homeless folks at the Scranton Rescue Mission Thursday night.

Larry Menendez is working on his eagle scout project. He decided to load 50 backpacks with essential supplies for people with no place to live. Inside those backpacks are tarps, blankets and other items.

"What I feel is God is calling me to this. I have always wanted to help people in the community and so this is what i chose," said Menendez of Boy Scout Troop 322.

As part of his project, Menendez also helped cook and serve a meal at the rescue mission in Scranton on Thursday night.

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  • Myacova

    Great job Larry! You’ll be amazed how many times you will use what you learned through Scouting during your lifetime! My son became an Eagle Scout years ago and has used what he learned many times. It actually saved his life – he and his friend (also an Eagle Scout) were skiing in Vermont when my son hit a patch of ice which sent him straight into a tree bouncing him off it and landing in a huge snow bank, completely covering his 6’4″ frame. His friend rescued him from the snow bank. My sons arm was broken in several places. Between the two of them, they rigged up the remaining skis to help slide him down the mountain to the ski patrol for help – even the ski patrol was amazed at how they handled the situation – but it was all due to their Scout training! Again, congratulations!!! Job well done!

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