Viewing, Funeral Service Held For Slain Cab Driver

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SCRANTON -- Friends and family came out to a funeral home  in South Scranton to pay their respects to a cab driver whose life was cut short by two gunshots to the back of his head.

A viewing and funeral service was held Wednesday night for Vincent Darbenzio.

“I'm very angry, to tell you the truth, because this is taking a human life, the way this was, this was senseless,” said John Ketchick of Archbald.

The body of Vincent Darbenzio was found hanging from the driver's side of his McCarthy Flowered Cab on Crown Avenue in Scranton early Friday morning.

Later that day, police arrested Aazis Richardson, 16, and charged him with murder and robbery.

When asked about the pain he caused Darbenzio's family, he dropped a four letter expletive: “[Expletive] them.”

Richardson told detectives he was riding in the back of Darbenzio's cab, heading from Washburn Street to Valley View Terrace Apartments.

According to court documents, Richardson felt Darbenzio was trying to rip him off by running up the meter because Darbenzio was taking the long way even though Richardson was giving him short cuts, so he shot him.

“Just because the cab driver didn't take this person the where he wanted to go in the time he wanted to get there, he takes a person's life. It's a shame. He should be ashamed of himself,” said Ketchick.

“My heart just goes out to the family. His two boys are in there. Now they don't have their dad,” said Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright.

Among those who came out were Darbenzio's co-workers.

“It's been a hard week. I just got off today and I'm off the next few days. It's been a hard week,” said Bill Leggat.

The Lackawanna County District Attorney said, as much as he would like to, state law prohibits him from seeking the death penalty because Richardson is a juvenile.

Many still can't believe someone so young could do something so terrible.

“At such a young age, at 16, how you can become like that? I don't know if anyone knows the answer to that,” said Courtright.

Darbenzio's family declined to talk, saying they were too upset, however a family spokesperson say the family is asking that prosecutors seek the maximum punishment allowed in this case.


  • Janet Roe

    Is Obama going to get on tv and tell us that this worthless piece of sh**t also could be his son like he did with the worthless scum in Florida lil tray? Send them all back to Africa.

    • Tom J.

      People need to get concealed carry permits. When one of these dirtbags tries to rob them, send them to meet their maker. It’s the only way they’ll learn. If they don’t learn, that’s ok too, they’ll be one less.

  • mdog

    Did he not kill 3 others in Jersey ?
    How in the H##L does our system
    allow this “thing” to continue to breath.

  • tired of this crap

    scumbag… once in jail this low life will get what he deserves.. time to round up the rest of the trash that are condeming out streets… lets go to his house and shoot up his momma (i say daddy but we all know he’s in jail or not known) and give them the big f**k you..

  • Nelson Emerson

    During this whole time I haven’t heard a word from the Richardson family nor the people that lived in those apartments. Rest easy Mr. Darbenzio, Karma will be making a call to the little itty bitty homie.

  • Is there REALLY FREEDOM of SPEECH ??? If so read this

    Wow, do disgusting that this man is dead for no valid reason at all !

    Another poster is right, this shows other homies more or less that they can come to our areas and do the same thing, because no Death Penalty. Free Room and Board in Jail with Ping Pong, Weight sets, opportunity to earn GED and Degree, no worry they will be taken care of by us workers like Mr. Darbenzio’s tax money – This Justice System is SCREWED up !

    No Death Penalty for Teens ? If you kill, you deserve the Death Penalty for sure ! If some innocent victims life is not worth anything to you the murderer, then your own life is certainly NOT worth anything to us tax payers, it is that simple ! Now I, you and everyone else has to work to support this monster in Jail for the rest of his life, he is not even out for good behavior at some point with some shrink possibly claiming he is reformed to come back out into society ! Make me VOMIT !

    As for Cab companies, how about some kind of bullet proof steel behind the seat and glass to collect the money ? I know that is allot to ask, but the fact is drivers just are not safe from animals like this Devil !

    No Cab driver anywhere deserve what this poor man got ! God Bless his Spirit, and all his friends, family, and ALL Cab Drivers with Safety !

  • Connie

    I am heartbroken for this family…my prayers are with them! Many are shocked that one so young could have done something so evil. I know why…it is because our nation has kicked God out of it. I am very patriotic, and I love America! However, one so young committed this heinous act because there is no fear of God in our land anymore. This murderer was not taught the Scriptures. If the Bible were taught again in schools and homes (instead of evolution where the children are taught that we are no better than a highly-evolved animal) there would be respect for and value of human life. I pray for this dear family!

  • lawntech2

    I know Vince for 21 years, And it’s really something that this 16 year old scum gave Vince the death sentence, but we can’t give it to him, He is being charged as an adult, then give him the adult punishment he deserves, An eye for an eye. RIP my friend.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Rest in peace Mr. Darbenzio. I’d like to tell you that justice will be served for you, but many of us have our doubts.

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