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UPDATE: Trucker Had Doctored Paperwork


HEMLOCK TOWNSHIP — A truck driver shot by police in Columbia County had doctored paperwork so he could drive a load of fruit cross-country without taking required breaks, according to state police.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Columbia County district attorney said troopers were looking into the possibility that the fruit, worth $80,000, was stolen. State police later said that the fruit was not stolen but the manifest had been doctored.

Troopers said the load of peaches and cherries originated in California and was headed for Bronx, New York. They said the paperwork had been altered to make it appear that the truck driver left two days earlier than he actually did.

Troopers say they are still investigating who altered the paperwork.

The truck driver, Dan Hadean of Oklahoma City, remained in the hospital Wednesday, two days after being shot by Hemlock Township police officer Charles Dieterrick.

On Monday night, Dieterrick pulled Hadean’s tractor-trailer off Interstate 80 at the Buckhorn Exit for several violations.

Authorities say that when Dieterrick said he was going to place the rig out of service, Hadean became combative. Dieterrick fired his stun gun. Hadean responded by spraying the officer with pepper spray and hitting him with a hammer.

That’s when state police say Dieterrick shot Hadean in the shoulder and the abdomen.

The Columbia County district attorney has ruled the shooting justified and says Hadean is expected to be charged when he is released from the hospital.


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