Former PSU Player Sentenced for Drug Charges

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A former Penn State University football player was sentenced to six to 23 months in prison on Wednesday.

Austin Scott, 29, of Lehigh County was arrested for selling marijuana to undercover officers. Police said drugs were also found in his home.

Scott was removed from the Penn State football team in 2007 after he was charged with rape. Those charges were later dropped for lack of evidence.


  • blackguy

    he not lookin at that much time. it not like the ppl making meth or the business owner who was sell cocaine out for pizza boxes for 6 yrs.

  • tom

    Someone will probably make him a big shot pro player-so kids can look up to this sort of idiot.Sorry-but someone like him is always so bold & arrogant.

  • jim

    oh, we were doing so well trying to forget about the victims and moving on with the new coach. The 500 million dollar money machine was back on track.Now this. Lock them all up! State Penn !

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