Father Testifies Against Son After Weekend Shooting

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP - It may have taken a lot of courage for a father to testify against his own son in Monroe County today. That's where authorities said the father was shot by his own son over the weekend.

Police said George Pugh was hit over the head with a hammer and shot at by his own son this weekend - and lived to tell his side of the story.

Today, with the bullet still in his hand - Pugh described in detail this past Saturday's terrifying tale at their home near Marshalls Creek.

David Pugh of Smithfield Township walked quietly into court, facing charges of attempted criminal homicide.

Troopers said this man shot his father this weekend in Monroe County.

"Why did you shoot him this weekend?," Newswatch 16's Amanda Kelley asked David Pugh as he walked into court.

Pugh's 80- year old father, George, testified against his own son, thankful to have survived.

"He was going to do us in, I mean he was going to do it, and I was lucky to get away you know," said George Pugh.

George stood outside the judge's office, a bullet still lodged in his hand,

He said these marks on his head - were from his son hitting him with a hammer during a fight over money.

Pugh's son, who has a history of mental issues, claims his father stole it.

"He (David Pugh) said, `Do I have to ******* kill you to get my money?," George Pugh testified.

Troopers said when the argument began, David Pugh's mother ran from their home near Marshall's Creek for help.

Pugh grabbed his dad's .22 caliber revolver and began pointing the gun at his father.

Pugh explained in court how he ran from his front door, down the stairs and to his car, but as he was driving away to escape shots came through his back window and hit him right in the hand.

The back window was shattered. George Pugh rushed to the hospital. Nervous he wouldn't make it.

"That was my concern, was because of loss of blood you know, and I didn't want to pass out, but I didn't stop for stop signs and I didn't stop for red lights, I just went," said George Pugh.

Meanwhile an eight-hour police standoff ensued back at the home. Troopers brought in SWAT teams and negotiators who worked to get David Pugh to surrender himself to authorities.

Now this father credits his Marine training, to surviving Saturday and said he's doing well, considering the circumstances.

"I don`t know if anybody been through boot camp, if you can survive that, you can just about survive anything," said George Pugh.

A judge decided there was enough evidence to move David Pugh's case forward to trial.

Pugh is locked up tonight on $250,000 dollars bail.


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