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Charges Including Attempted Homicide Filed Against Truck Driver

HEMLOCK TOWNSHIP –The truck driver who was shot by a police officer Monday night is now accused of trying to kill a cop. It’s the trucker who state police said became unruly during a traffic stop in Columbia County.

Wednesday afternoon, state police filed attempted homicide and other charges against truck driver, Dan Hadean, from Oklahoma City. He’s the trucker who was shot by a Hemlock Township police officer Monday. On Wednesday, state police searched his truck again and are also investigating the trucker’s paperwork.

State police did a more thorough search of a tractor trailer on Wednesday, trying to get more information on what Hadean was hauling Monday night when he ended up being shot by a Hemlock Township officer. Now, charges against Hadean include attempted homicide and aggravated assault.

State police said Hadean attacked Officer Charles Dietterick with a hammer and pepper spray. It happened near the Buckhorn exit off Interstate 80 after the officer told Hadean his tractor trailer was going to be out of service until violations including a missing front bumper were repaired.

Authorities told Newswatch 16 that Hadean was taking a cargo of fruit from California to New York and was carrying fake shipping manifests with him. State police said the forged paperwork would allow Hadean to drive on the interstate with fewer breaks. A state trooper was with Officer Dietterick when the trucker was stopped Monday night, a practice police told us is not unusual.

“Some interstates pass through municipalities and there can be agreements with state police with enforcement in those sections of the interstate,” said Chief Roger Van Loan of the Bloomsburg Police Department.

State and local police said that under some circumstances local police are allowed out on the interstate, especially if they are also motor carrier enforcement officers.

Officer Dietterick is also a motor carrier enforcement officer who specializes in truck violations. Bloomsburg Police Chief Roger Van Loan said local officers play an important role in keeping unsafe truckers off the road.

“It’s not uncommon because of money schedules to violate those rules just one simple thing as sleep,” said Chief Van Loan.

Charges including attempted homicide and aggravated assault were filed against the truck driver who was shot by police. He is still in the hospital recovering.


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