Charges for Man who Hit Jogger

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SLATINGTON -- Prosecutors have filed charges against a man in the death of a jogger.

Donald Vito of Lehighton turned himself into authorities Wednesday.

Vito is accused of hitting a woman who was jogging along Route 873 near Slatington in March.


  • sarge

    Why do people put themselves in a position to get injured or possibly killed ? Running /walking on any road anymore is so dangerous because of the idiots who drive anymore ! Why tempt fate ? This happens all to frequently and I see so many people doing it. Personal responsibility people ! Do people deserve to get hit ? Obviously, no but you don’t swim with sharks and expect not to be bit or eaten either. A senseless tragedy.

    • E

      Are you really stating that someone who is hit while walking on the side of the road is at fault. “Put themselves in a position to get injured” are you stupid? Tempt fate? So its your opinon that people shouldnt exercise their right to walk on the roadside because of drunken redneck morons that inhabit this area. A person driving a vehicle is responsible for their actions you fu**ing moron. Oh wait I just got it, you have hurt someone with your vehicle because of sheer stupidity and your opinion is trying to defend that action. When I read comments like yours I know why this area has alway been a white slum and is now becoming a mixed race slum.

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