Business Owner Sentenced for Drugs

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OLYPHANT --  A restaurant owner is headed to prison for up to six years for delivering cocaine inside pizza boxes.

David Klem owned The Clock Tower Bar and Restaurant in Olyphant when he was using his business as a front for the drug operation.

Klem was one of five people named in a drug bust called, "Operation Take-Out," last year.


  • tom

    Will this clown be paroled earlier?When he gets out,will he have alot of money he made selling?He might be looking forward to living well when he gets out.He’s probably so bold & arrogant he’s not upset about being arrested.

  • Gloria

    Once again a local gets a break… up 2 6yrs for using a business for a drug warehouse and delivering coke? WHERE ARE THE ALPHABETS?????????? DEA FBI A “L”ife behind his sentence or something….smfh The good ole local must of taking a sweet hometown deal thats why he’s smiling ear2FN ear…SCUMBAGS OF NEPA why so little comments by this hr if it was a mutant from outta town rebel flags would be waving n crosses burning…must hurt 2 C A fellow pale 1 revert to obtaining APE like characteristics to get$ GO NEPA DRUNKEN BABY MOUTH LOCALS

    • Ha ha

      Gloria he’s smiling because he is white and this is the United States of America. Need I say more? :)

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