Vandals Destroy Home in Williamsport

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WILLAMSPORT --- Police in Williamsport want to know who trashed the interior of a home.

Pictures of the property along Penn Street were posted on the Williamsport Police Department's Facebook page.

The pictures show doors ripped off of hinges, graffiti and holes in walls.

Officers in Williamsport told Newswatch 16 the place was unoccupied but was in the process of being rented.


  • Rebecca

    Williamsport is turning into a cesspool, just like all the other drug infested towns in PA. This doesn’t surprise me in the least. Cabbie shooting, he roin overdoses in the hospital bathrooms, a shooting right in a park in front of witnesses (but they don’t talk to the police, you know), and on and on. Too bad the only way to clean it up is clearly unconstitutional.

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