Senator Casey Pushes to End Disability Claims Backlog

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KINGSTON ---Even after Memorial Day, Senator Bob Casey continued to thank veterans for serving their country.

But Casey says when veterans come back home they face a growing problem,  a delay in processing disability claims.

It happened to Chuck Pavlack of Kingston.

"'At two-and-a-half years later, it finally got approved. I mean, and I was one of the ones, thanks to my wife, that stayed with it and constantly pushed and pushed," said Pavlack.

Senator casey says on average, it takes veterans 240 days to get disability claims processed.

In Pennsylvania that average is even higher, 300 days.

Casey said there's no reason the veterans who have done their duty should have to wait so long for what's rightfully theirs.

Casey is pushing for a new bill that would improve the claims process and make the issue a priority for the federal government.

This is in addition to the health care delay issues within the VA health system that many VA's across the country are already facing.