No Death Penalty in Cab Driver Killing

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SCRANTON -- State law prohibits the Lackawanna County District Attorney from seeking the death penalty in a case of a teenager accused of murdering a cab driver last week.

Aazis Richardson, 16,  of Washburn Street in Scranton is charged with murder, robbery and other charges.

According to investigators, Richardson thought the cabbie, Vincent Darbenzio was cheating him by taking the long way to his destination, so Richardson said he shot Darbenzio twice in the back of the head.

"That's what I do when people don't listen," he said Friday.

At McCarthy Flowered Cabs in Scranton, where Darbenzio worked, things have changed since his death.

"A lot of guys don't come to work, we're short-handed, guys don't want to come to work, guys don't want to go into the projects," said John Evans of McCarthy Flowered Cabs.

When they learned the death penalty is not a possibility in this case, some were upset.

They said Richardson deserves it.

"I don't know. It sucks but, it's the law, you know?" said cab driver Rico Thompson.

Others said if he is convicted, Richardson should spend the rest of his life behind bars.

"I personally think that this individual is a dangerous individual and probably would do it again, but although I believe he deserves the most severe punishment, I'm of the belief that there's no way we can kill our brother and it's ok," said Evans.

The U.S. Supreme Court has barred executions of teenagers in America since 2005.


  • SM

    If you are capable of killing you should be capable of being killed….
    No questions ask, no waste of tax dollars…blast him.

  • Is there REALLY FREEDOM of SPEECH ??? If so read this

    That is right mdog ! Trash is Trash, even though I am WHITE I am fair, what this kid black kid did is EVIL ! And the infuriating anger I felt seeing his clip at the disrespect, no remorse etc. towards the victim and family was just unreal !

    However, I am fair, when that James Holmes guy shot people in the Movie Theater, I felt the same infuriating anger, and felt he was a piece of EVIL trash the same as this Black murderer of Mr. Darbenzio !

    This where I am not sure Rev. Al and Jesse are fair, yes those 2 always complain when White Kills Black, but can’t they be fair and complain when Black kills white in uncalled for way ?

    That shows the true heart of a man, I am with Rev. Al and Jesse as long as they point out that a case like this is wrong also, blacks should not kill whites in manner like this either.

    Rev. Al, HARMONY is being fair across the board regardless of color.

    Right is right, and wrong is wrong, what this kid did to the white Taxi Driver was WRONG and if you want to earn the total respect Rev. Al of all colors of people show fairness and equality when an act is wrong, then we will all know your truly genuine and not just 1 sided

    Like it has been said, if this kid was White, and Killed a Black man ( Father of 2 Kids ) then showed that disrespect I would be equally as shocked and appalled at the white kid for an evil act committed on an innocent working black man

    All we need people is FAIRNESS not racisct groups who only cry foul when one of their kind is attacked, killed by other color, but a group that says yes we want fairness to our race, but we acknowledge the wrong doings of our race to innocent humans also

    Again in the LA Riots, Rev. Al did not come forth and state that was uncalled for to spike a Brick like a football into the head of the white trucker Reginald Denny and do a touchdown dance as the man slumps down with severe almost fatal head injury ?

    Because I am fair, had a white did that to a black trucker minding his own business, it would of been just as evil. I am white and I don’t support my race or any race when wrong is wrong, and I ask Rev. Al to show the same fairness when wrong regardless of color.

    Most of our comments are angry with the monster because of the act, not his skin color, we would be just is angry on comments if skin colors were reversed ! I know I would be, I am fair to all

  • E

    A clear message has been sent by this decision. The people of Scranton don’t matter and this type of behavior WILL be tolerated in that city. Oh well, not my problem anymore. LOL.

  • mdog

    Bill D. if he were a white guy id say “Give em the Chair” just as fast.
    Trash is trash, throw it away don’t save it cuz it just stinks more
    week after week.Bill D. THIS piece of executed a human being.
    All for a few bucks, so he says.

  • o-bob

    What is being missed in this tragedy is that events such as this are becoming more commonplace throughout the country. I am 49 years old and actions such as this were rare when I was young. Yes, murders did happen but not by young people such as we are seeing today. There is a sector of society that do not feel the rules apply to them and show absolutely no respect for anyone. It is the liberal movement that has chipped away at the moral structure of our country. The liberal faction do not hold the values of the majority of people in this country. It is time that, as a society, we all realize that these liberals are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Make sure we keep these “scum” out of office by voting smart. Be informed when voting. I think the country now realizes the mistakes made by voting in the current leader of our country.

    • Donnie

      I agree about 50%. We cannot blame just the corrupt politicians for everything. This is a kid. A sixteen year old boy who murdered a full grown man because he felt cheated. I think the parents should also be held to blame as well as politicians. I may not be as old as most people that have commented on this article (I’m 29 years old), but I remember back in my freshman year of high school the Columbine shooting occurred. Afterwards everyone blamed musicians like Marilyn Manson and Rammstein and other “violent” or “dark” themed musicians and movies. Heck, they even banned Rammstein from selling their CD’s in America. But they never blame the parents. The parents should monitor what their children do and watch to a degree. But they should also get to know why their kids are listening to this artist or watching this genre of movies/television shows. I would love to know how this kid was raised. Was he raised in a single parent home? By his grandparents? Was he abused? Those are some serious questions that should be asked. I don’t know what the heck is going on with the youth of this country, but I refuse to let my son become corrupted and think he is better than anyone else and he can do whatever he wants. He will learn that for every action is a consequence.

      • o-bob

        I agree 100% that parents are on the front line of raising their children. My point is that this country has strayed from the foundation on how this country was established. The majority of people in this country are good, hard working and decent citizens but we are caving into the liberal agenda. It seems we do not have the will to defend what we believe in and just let the left leaning progressive movement dictate the direction that the country is headed. We need to take a look at who we elect and put into these influential political positions. In my opinion, the current administration has turned this country in the wrong direction and the effects of the policy will be felt for years to come.

      • DuEast

        @obob and donnie. Everything you say is true. Society and parents need to take what’s best verses what’s permissable into consideration however in order for this kid to have got this far into darkness there obviously have been NO boundaries anywhere. I am against all that death metal and dark music, however, the rap music and hip-hop turned into something just as ugly; that stupid gangsta rap that advocates violence against moral and ethical norms. I am with you, I am known as a “dragon mom,” because I refuse to allow my son join the “Lord of the Flies” club. It would shock you to know what I know about the background of some of the kids that pass thru our door. AND, these are all white kids, and race is not the issue; it’s all about accountability. SMH.

  • Donnie

    Did anyone see if they are charging him as an adult or still as a juvenile? If they charge him as a juvi, what’s to say he won’t spend time in jail till he is 21? I’ll be honest, I haven’t been following this story very much. I only caught the initial report at work when there was a break in the routine. This is the only follow up of anything I have seen or read.

  • tom

    We don’t want our tax money spent on defense for him-disrupting people lives being on a jury-tax money used to pay a lawyer-tax money to keep him in prison-he admitted to the shooting-just get rid of him now.

  • tom

    Lawmakers!our esteemed enployees-do whar the people want-DEATH! for this scumbag!if I don’t do what my employer wants I get fired.

  • jim

    Well…can’t give him the death penalty huh….let me tell ya something…there are plenty of stripping pits and air shafts to dump this piece of sH^t….where he will never be seen or heard from again….these law makers need to make changes!

  • Joey

    I feel for the victims family, but this world we live in tells it all. Our country not putting to death a scumbag like this who shows no remorse. What has our country become, how will we make another 100 years. Well at the rate we are going, our welfare checks are going to bounce sooner cause the working man is sick of paying for scum. Hope he gets prison justice and we don’t pay 80-100k for him for years to come…. Free America only for scum!

  • April

    A disgusting waste of life like this will get to continue to live while the victim is dead and his family mourn! What has happened to this country. Put him in general population and guards turn your heads the other way, let this scum get what he deserves! See what happens when your nappy long haired a$$ doesn’t do what they want you to do. For the rest of us keep on working your butts off to pay for him in jail and his family on welfare. Enough said

  • joe schmoe

    You know what, Ive been thinking about this all night. Ive been thinking about this since it has happened actually. I can honestly say, that as a whole, society is to blame. We’re too soft, We’re too liberal. Were way too forgiving. This kid knows that nothing is going to happen to him, because nothing has ever happened to him. It’s the manifestation of social decay people. Should we be surprised there’s no death penalty? NO! Should we be surprised if he doesn’t WALK from this sooner or later? No, not in this society. It’s time to toughen up, its time to stop all the hand outs and wrist slaps that spawn this type of behavior. I don’t know how or where to start for tougher crimes laws, but the time is now! It is not cruel and unusual punishment to put this kid to death. It is cruel and unusual how that cab driver died! This is disgusting.

    • chris

      liberals told us that being tough on people screws them up. well look at today with all of the shootings and crime. liberal political correctness is eroding society.

  • ME

    This is probably a good time to reconsider our law regarding the death penalty. A teen is capable of knowing right from wrong and crimes this heinous should be given the death penalty. Of course, the death penalty will drag on for years, if not decades and cost more than life in prison. It’s the easy way out, too. In some cases, and this might be one of them due to his youth, life in prison is worse. I’m just wondering if he’ll even get that.

  • Bill D.

    Let’s just hope he keeps that pretty hair and wonderful tough guy wannabe attitude in prison. I’m sure someone much tougher than he will enjoy using him like a sock puppet! I heard he already was beat up, hope it is true! Hope you enjoy your stay in our penal system scumbag!

  • Uncle Billy

    I once had a sick dog who was 16 and had him put down. Can’t we just take him to the vet and take care of this? If anyone asks, we can say we took him to a nice farm to live.

  • ron

    Listen 16 or 66 if he could shoot another person in the back of the head like a coward then he should pay the consequences just like any body else no mater what his age is just saying. Vince you will be missed RIP

  • Ted

    I think its a great idea.
    Death is too good for this punk.
    Give him life without parole so he can rot for decades on end.
    He’ll spend all his years in a cell the size of a bathroom.
    And make sure to give him a blanket that tears easily so
    he can’t hang himself and cheat his sentence.

    • jane

      Sad part is…ppl like this dont care! He had no remorse for killing so he will not feel anything living in a cell….sad to say! But ive seen enough prison shows and some actually like being in jail! Bc they dont know how to function in society. They were brought up in a certain environment so they are comfortable in that type of environment. Yes parents are to blame 1st and foremost. No one gives a darn anymore. You pop a kid out and your job is over!? Kids arent raised these days… I think too that if kids under 18 commit these crimes, the parents should get the same sentence!!!!!! Period!!! Parents need to man up

  • Eye4ni

    I think this mutt should be strapped to a table a needle placed into his arm and he should be pumped full of whatever they gave that POS in Ohio about a month ago. And televise it on TV so today’s youth can see first hand that there are extreme repercussions for their actions.

  • mdog

    the FBI violent crime statistics show that while blacks account for 12.5 % of the population 78% of the violent crimes in this country are perpetrated by blacks. you say that it is sad, you’re right, it is. as a country we have thrown tons of money in hundreds of federal programs to correct the minority problems. as a result we are a lot poorer for it and have actually gone backwards. there are several reason for this; 1. the use of the word racist is used far too much in the media by the race baiters. when that term is used the left wing media sensationalizes it and the entire white race dives for cover. 2. the race baiters like jackson and sharpton have become very wealthy doing what they do best. they have no interest in improving the conditions of the inner city ghettos. there is no money in that for them. 3.many of these people are 3rd and 4th generation recipients of welfare and have no interest in getting out to work for a check. as a result of this entitlement atmosphere a subculture is formed. anger is infused into the young that they are owed what they get and more. this results in the attitude of what’s yours is mine because i don’t have it and you do. obviously, as the difference gets larger the resentment gets higher. if the black community wants to change reality it needs to address this issue with their leaders (NAACP) because the whites will be rejected as meddlers. until they take that initiative my best advice to the country as a whole is to never leave home without smith and wesson.

    • Bill D.

      Know what’s sad, you claim racism is a result of the NAACP and leaders like Sharpton. Know what i saw on the news this week? An a$$hole kid shot a grown unarmed man because he “didn’t listen to him” and that kid who was a wannabe tough guy now deserves to die whether or not this state will do it. At the least he deserves life in jail. I personally hope he rots and gets abused for his attitude and taught a hard lesson in jail. All that aside, i saw a young loser who will pay a price.
      Know what you saw? A Black on white crime! A black man, a minority, came here and shot a white man. That is what is racist and a problem here,not Sharpton or any of the other NAACP people. You can deny it all you want, but it is people like you who cause the race issue! I don;t care if he was Purple!

      • mdog

        Have you ever mistakenly walked into (in “America”) an All Black Bar
        without realizing it and suddenly find yourself
        escorted out the door by white eyes, teeth and 40
        switch blades Not knowing if your gonna get shanked and how many times? I HAVE.
        Have you been at work and told “Ill take you turkey hunting
        Cracka” ? By a group of fine fellow employees?
        I HAVE.
        Have you ever SAVED a black mans Life? I HAVE.
        Did you grow up loving your black uncle ? I HAVE.
        Did you ever grow up at all ?? i dont think you did.

  • Ryan Quigley

    Don’t forget based on the previous article he is still being looked at for murders in NJ, at this point shouldn’t we start to reconsider at what age we still consider people juvenile? Scum like this should be a burden on the taxpayers nor should they take up any more of our time or efforts.

  • WildBill@WB

    If life without the possibility of parole is the worst we can give him then it’ll have to do as long as some politician doesn’t come along and decide to get it reduced because it’s the “correct” thing to do. Just have to hope his punk attitude gets him killed while he’s spending every last breathing hour of his miserable life in prison.

    • Luann

      If only it were so simple … Life without parole is totally up to a judge in the case of a minor. Although he is being charged as an adult under the law he is still a minor and according to the law it is unconstitutional to give a minor life with no possibility of parole. Unless a juudge puts in writing and justifies exactly why he is giving life without parole … in this case I think that they should make an acception and look into the death penalty because I have never seen a colder killer in our area and if ever let out of prison … I have no doubt in my mind that he will do it again … why? Because not everyone is going to listen to him! Therefore I see many potential victims in his future should he ever be let out of prison.

  • bob

    We should change the law an eye for a eye give the death penalty for all child molesters and people who kill other people for know reason

  • Jason

    This guy should be executed. He’s useless to society at his age already. Why burden taxpayers by putting him in prison? Send him to trial, find him guilty, sentence him to death and then immediately place him in front of a concrete wall and put one right between his eyes. Hell, maybe just fire a few blanks first just to mess with him before finally ending his life.

  • George T Coggins

    “Thats what happens to people who don’t listen to me”
    this is a perfect example of a disease wearing human skin. i say life in solitary where the only one who needs to listen to him is himself

    • Carol

      True, but if he has life in solitary, we will be deprived of wondering what others around him “do to people who don’t listen”

    • jim

      who are the scum bags that rate “thumbs down” it makes me sick to know that there are people who may actually feel bad for this piece of garbage!

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