Columbia County D.A.: Police Officer Shooting Justified

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Investigators in Columbia County say a police officer had no choice but to shoot a truck driver after that driver attacked him Monday night.

It happened during a traffic stop along Interstate 80 at the Buckhorn exit; now the truck driver remains hospitalized but is expected to live.

State police were on scene for hours on the off-ramp from east bound Interstate 80 at the Buckhorn exit Monday night after a police-involved shooting left the driver of a tractor trailer in the hospital with two gunshot wounds.

Now state police and the Columbia County District Attorney`s Office says Hemlock Township Police Officer Charles Dietterick had no choice but to shoot the driver who attacked him during a traffic stop.

Dietterick lives in a rural area near the interstate and his neighbors commended his bravery.

“I wouldn't want to have to do that job,” said neighbor Derl Kyle. “He`s been a good cop, a good neighbor, a good person, I guess that`s what counts and that`s what he is.”

Investigators say Dietterick stopped driver Dan Hadean of Oklahoma City around 9 Monday night for several violations, including a missing front bumper.

Officer Dietterick told Hadean his truck would be taken out of service and impounded.

Investigators say Hadean got upset and attacked Dietterick.

Dietterick tried to stop him with his stun gun; Hadean then sprayed the officer with pepper spray and hit him with a mallet.

That`s when they say Dietterick fired two shots at Hadean.

“[Dietterick] was already struck once, his eyes were blurry from the pepper spray, any kind of lethal strike with a hammer to his head could have rendered him incapable,” said Trooper David Peters with the Pennsylvania State Police.

State police searched Hadean's truck, pulling out pallets of fruit and some truck parts.

Now it will be up to the district attorney to decide what charges Hadean will face.

“The charges that could possibly be field are attempted homicide and aggravated assault and offenses related along those lines,” said State Police Lieutenant Robert Bartal.






  • Francis Drake


  • Harley Man 1971

    To shade love you complaining about the whiners, sounds like maybe your a cop….hmmmm how about pulling over your buddies in Numidia/Catawissa oh that is right race around in your cars and trucks cause your probably a volunteer firefighter driving 90mph but thats ok. Or its beer 30 on the way to the crackerbarrel but since its your family just wave. I agree with all the other posters its terrible the local cops FAVORTISM ! How about doing legwork, know the community easy to find out who is selling and buying drugs but wait speeding tickets PAY BETTER…. SHADE GET A LIFE sorry you make $10bucks as a local cop get a real JOB

  • Joe Nobody Route 42

    HEY SHADE, i agree with you in the fact ya if your speeding you get pulled over, but the cops in Numidia/Catawissa are insane even over 1mph. Try doing some real crime solving and the problem with local cops there friends and families do get away with anything. I live in bloomsburg and I know the area over in catawissa well and the cops are just out of line. Its nothing more then a $$$$ machine so there is NO RESPECT in there force. Buckhorn is bad too. I could go on more but the locals who live there already know THE GOOD OL BOY SYSTEM and to the previous poster wanting to know about the townships, yes i hope Numidia/Catawissa gets an investigation cause I would like to get to the bottom of it. ENOUGH SAID

    • Shade

      @Harley and @ Joe. I’m not a cop I’m an attorney, and I often am in court defending people like you on these tickets and other charges. And I find almost invariably that every cop, including the ones in this township, are extremely civil and accommodating even to my scumbag law-breaking clients. As for whether cops let their family or buddies get away with stuff or are corrupt, that’s a separate issue. If they’re dirty that’s on them, it does not provide an excuse for you to speed, smoke dope, or otherwise break the law. That’s just juvenile deflecting and a refusal to take responsibility for your own actions. But thanks, I make a lot of money from you morons and so does the state. Way to prove your point, you’re really showing us!

  • Shade

    Here’s an idea: don’t speed, even five over, and the cops won’t be permitted to stop you. Problem solved. But if you elect to break the law, take your medicine like an adult and quit complaining. It’s not the cop’s foot stomping on your accelerator. And if said cop then finds your “one little joint” and busts you for that, well, that’s your fault too. You put it there, and you know even just one little joint is illegal. I’m so sick of a bunch of law-breaking whiners refusing to take responsibility. It is not law enforcement’s fault if they do their jobs and catch you violating the law! It’s your own.

    • Raezzor

      Actually, if you drive a commercial vehicle, the police can stop you at any time. No probable cause is needed. I have been pulled over several times, in varying states, while driving 100% legal, simply because the officer wanted to do an inspection of some sort, whether it was something as simple as checking my logs, license, medical card, etc., or a full on Level 1 inspection. What I don’t get here is why the officer decided to impound the vehicle. Usually if there’s a serious enough violation they simply put you out of service either until the defect is repaired (if it’s mechanical/vehicle related) or until you are legal to drive again (if it’s logbook or license related.)

  • Randy

    We need to remove the DA, it is a problem when a officer shots and unarmed man for any reason. The DA knows their were no weapon in this truck. This is not justified more like and attempted vigilante over what a missing bumper? We need the Feds to investigate this case, in the law we right a man is innocent until proven guilty. Where was the back up,

    • Shade

      If a cop was using pepper spray and a hammer against someone, I’m guessing you’d darn sure consider them weapons.

  • Shade

    Hey geniuses. Are you aware that cops cannot simply randomly pull people over? Do you know that they have to have a reasonable cause, like speeding? Do you understand how often such stops lead to other issues, like DUIs, outstanding warrants, drugs / paraphernalia? Do you LIKE having meth labs and heroin addicts overrunning your towns? I prefer the cops stop who they can, find what they can, and keep prosecuting criminals at every opportunity, hopefully until one day the criminals are put away for a long period.

    • Randy

      I agree with you in most cases, this one does not apply, this man was from out of state and has went through many scale stations, and did not need to be harassed over a bumper, other wise be executed over it, There needs to be a federal investigation over this. I feel sorry for the officer, but only a coward would use a weapon on an unarmed person.
      and I do mean coward. There were other options.

      • Shade

        So in your opinion, an appropriate response when stopped by a cop is to attack the cop with pepper spray and a hammer? smh No wonder society is in the toilet.

  • Wapwallopen Taxpayer

    WOW people are venting today, I would like people to know I believe in our police force and courts especially in Pennsylvania. Wait I’m only kidding unless you lived under a rock its not far fetched to think the local police is corrupt in some way. I especially like reading about luzerne county with there judges and politicians. So yeah i think every local township, police force should be investigated from time to time from outside state police or some agency. I use to volunteer in my fire department and I saw misuse of equipment and the buddy system all to often. I quit it made me sick seeing it. And when towns are little like this its hard to make a change, they all stick together and its called CORRUPTION hey everyone else is caps nuts.

    My opinion, I pay taxes I get one ps never drove thru your town but I will go the speed limit if I do.

  • Rachel in buckhorn

    well i can see we are way off topic, but i do agree. live by buckhorn travel thru catawissa and numidia they are crazy there. yes i am sure if we look at the ticket logs no friend or family member has gotten a ticket but john that is only cause they do the speed limit……….. ya its a complete joke the cops there need to tone it down worry about more important problems but what about the township are they just pushing these cops to be ticket nutz for the money??? that is what i would like to know, maybe the town is just after the money, but hey how about a cop chime in hear and let us know what you think……

  • John

    I live in Numidia and I agree with Kersey the cops are RAMBO LIKE ticket nutz only worrying about speeding. How about walking the streets and talking to members of the community instead of hiding behind the speed limit sign when it drops. All you are is a pawn for the town to make money and not really do any crime stopping or crime investigating. But whats really funny is how your friends and family drive by the speed trap going over and you do nothing. That is the greatest thing about LOCAL POLICE (i call it friends/family package) are exempt from tickets. Seriously that is why noone respects you in Numidia/Catawissa and are looked at as a joke.

    I move for STATE POLICE coverage (i know hard to believe local police could be corrupt in PA) :) lol

    • Ryan

      Move for star police coverage huh? Well if you knew anything you would know the state police if sick of providing primary law enforcement to local munical governments. They don’t have the time or the man power. Currently, there is a bill in the house that will make any local government have to pay the state police for primary coverage a certain amount per resident. Within three years the number is so high it will force the municipal gov to start a police department….plus currently…if you have state police coverage…you won’t be seeing them patrolling your town…thy come answer a call and leave right away to go to another there ya go…you will have pretty much no protection…good job

  • P. Kersey

    This sounds to be a legit case for this officer in this story, but to comment on the BLOOMSBURG / Catawissa / Buckhorn area police are insane. They take the speed limit to the excess. The catawissa police is probably the most ridiculous of all. They are nothing more then a way to generate money for the town. They hide right next to the speed limit signs where they drop (boy that is hard) and are ticket NUTZ. Hey I’m all for people abiding the law but to sit right at the signs and get people for 5 over and petty nonsense, clean up the streets of the drugs and so on. Leave the working people alone!!!

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