UPDATE: Two Arrested for Gas Station Robbery

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DORRANCE TOWNSHIP — State police arrested two people in connection with a robbery Friday night at a gas station in Luzerne County.

Troopers arrested Dennis Cosgrove, 29, of White Haven on charges including robbery, theft and simple assault.

Also arrested was Daniel Kluck, 22, of Freeland. He’s also charged with robbery, theft and simple assault.

State police say the Cosgrove and Kluck are responsible for robbing the Sunoco gas station and convenience store on Blue Ridge Trail in Dorrance around 11 p.m. Friday.

Troopers say that Cosgrove took a gun into the store and robbed the place. They say Kluck gave him the gun and then waited in the car and acted as the getaway driver.

Cosgrove and Kluck are both behind bars in Luzerne County.


  • unknown

    i think they are playing alittle too much gta i play it but i dont want to do this keep it in the game not real life you young idiots

  • Alex Arnau

    Simple assault? They both had guns; according to PA law, that’s armed robbery, and aggravated assault. Either the reporter is unfamiliar with PA law, or the arresting officers and DA are idiots.

    • unknown

      its right here in the PA law book, simple assault attempt to cause or intentionally causes bodily injury to a person, having guns isnt aggravated unless someone is dead, no one died thus its simple go to school before you make a comment you cant back up

  • Hugh G. Johnson

    Cosgrove & Kluck…It sounds like a bad law firm. What a couple of low lives. It takes a real special kind of person to threaten somebody with a gun. Maybe we can ship these two out of the area also, while we’re at it. Time for some spring cleaning. All the trash needs to go!

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