Troopers: EMT Assaulted by Off-Duty Resort Worker

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LACKAWAXEN TOWNSHIP -- An off-duty employee of a resort in Pike County allegedly got drunk and assaulted an EMT, breaking the woman's hand.

State police say the incident at Woodloch Resort near Hawley happened April 28.

According to troopers, Robert Filarsky, 32, the resort's social supervisor, was off-duty at a golf tournament and had been drinking alcohol all day.

Around 9 p.m. that night, Filarsky hit his head.

State police say that when a crew from Lackawaxen Ambulance was taking Filarsky to the hospital, he grabbed the arm of EMT Cori Larsen and refused to let go. Larsen suffered a broken hand and possible nerve damage.

Filarsky is charged with aggravated assault. Troopers say several other off-duty Woodloch employees are being cited for disorderly conduct because they had also been drinking and harassed emergency crews as they tried to help Filarsky.

State police say the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has been notified about several recent alcohol-related incidents at Woodloch Resort in Pike County.


  • Michael

    I work for the company. Unlike others that have posted here, I refuse to defend his behavior, regardless of the fact that he’s “a good guy.” It was embarrassing, childish, and wrong. Even if this was an “accident,” it’s one that easily could have been prevented. People need to know where to draw lines and act like responsible adults, including the employees that were cited for disorderly conduct. Shame on all of you- real friends slap some sense into their buddies so they don’t do stupid things like this. Great job representing your employer during a charity golf event- I hope this opens your eyes before something really tragic happens.

    To the EMS worker, I am deeply sorry for your injury. Nobody joining a line of work to help someone EVER deserves to get hurt on the job. Don’t let a couple of out of control dopes speak for an entire company of over 1,000 employees- 98% of us appreciate what you do and are glad to have you at our side when push comes to shove. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  • Eric

    This is for people like JOE who don’t get it. The State sets the standards called EMS Protocols! If you have a certain type of injury and can’t get there in a certain amount of time YOU MUST FLY! The fact that the resort is located in a rural area makes it difficult to respond and go by ground to meet those standards. EMT’s start at $8.50 an hour in Pennsylvania. They save lives for that amount of money…it’s sad that the state can’t raise those standards too! As for the EMT there are “scene safety protocols” They state that if the scene isn’t safe then with or without the patient bail on it go down the road and wait for PSP. That call was never made after hearing this broadcast or reading the articles!! It states that you force someone to go to the ER you must call medical command and or PSP when tying people down against their own free will. It states that you should NOT block the exit of a combative/altered mental status patient. So how good is this EMT if this was not followed.. there is nothing here that states this is how it was handled. .maybe they should go back to school where they teach this and re-learn the right way of doing things. People forget…this guy you are talking about is THE PATIENT!!! with a HEAD INJURY!!! Someone is looking for some glory to come out of this deal or padded pockets.

  • Bob

    Haha, too funny. First of all Joe I am not an EMT and second, the choppers bill the patients insurance. The ambulance company does not get kickbacks. All you Woodloch people are talking about this guy being falsely accused and yet you are doing just that to people who are actually important in your alcoholic community. Its a known fact in the area about the kind of drinking that goes on by woodlochs employees. One of these days someone innocent is going to get killed by a drunk driver and then how will you feel. Bottom line is that he was intoxicated which is how all this started. You people can be in denial all you want but deep down inside you know what can happen. Lets just hope an innocent person or family is not on the other end.

    These comments from woodloch people are way too funny. If anyone has something out for you people it seems to me from the source here that its the troopers. I dont believe the troopers would be busting your chops for nothing.

  • Lynn

    I’m confused as to what Bob’s job title and where he works has to do with this story. I’ve never seen a news story that lists anything more than where someone is from. Also, in reading the article and watching the video, it’s clear that the two contradict themselves. It’s crazy that the “facts” can be so distorted depending on who is reporting them.

    I think it’s unfortunate this EMT got hurt, but I know many EMT’s and they all say it’s part of the job. It certainly doesn’t seem possible that someone who was strapped down and ready to be life-flighted would be able to “assault” another person. It’s called an accident for a reason. I’m sure Bob meant no harm to this woman, and since he fell down stairs and hit his head, how could he really know what he was doing? It’s unbelievable to me that this much attention is being brought to this story when there are real crimes being committed in our town. It seems like someone is out to give Woodloch a bad name and Bob is just their excuse to do it. It’s disturbing…

  • Bob

    The funny thing from all you people that I know are his friends. Where were you all when he was tripping because he had so many drinks. I know some of the firefighters who were on scene and all said he and some of the woodloch guys where wasted. That didnt come from the news. It seems that if you were truely good friends you would have helped before he even needed help.

  • Joe

    This article is missing a few convenient details… Where is the part about the helicopter life-flight? If he was in such desperate need of a life flight he couldn’t have maliciously assaulted an EMT. A follow-up “news” report should be done on this entitled “Local Ambulance Crew Under Investigation for Extortion of Insurance Company Money”. Strange that they have called in an unbelievable amount of life-flights in the last few months for injuries such as broken wrists and concussions… Someone lining the pockets of the EMTs?? Hmmm… Maybe we should check the credibility of the reporters, EMTs and officials involved before throwing stones and good, hard-working everyday people… just a thought.

    • Joe

      I am in no way affiliated with woodloch… But I have done my homework… There has been a record number of life-flights from this area (check for yourself)… You must be affiliated with the EMT brigade that is getting kickbacks from all the life flights… It’s people like you that make hard working non-crooked EMTs look bad

  • Laura

    I’m sot sure where this reporter got her information, because not only are the sequence of events incorrect, so are several of the facts that she wrote in this article. She should really think about the impact of what writing the wrong information can have. This article is extremely slanderous of someone who does not deserve to be put under the spotlight in this manner. Bob Filarsky is a great person and is someone who would never intentionally hurt anyone. He is a hard worker and an extremely even tempered, good natured human being.

    Additionally, anyone who gets into the line of work as EMT should be aware that with a job of that nature, there could be some physical repercussions that could manifest while on the job. That’s the risk you take when choosing to get into that kind of work.

    MNEP should be embarrassed as a major news company of printing the incorrect information.

  • bill

    That EMT singed up for the job. Things like that can be expected. Would a military person sue cuz he or she was put in danger?? Bob should sue her for this bad publicity.

  • Ocat Supreme

    It needs to be said that the video and article contradict themselves. He was NOT working at the time of the incident, video was correct, article was not.

  • Mark Mullroy

    Someone should look into the EMT’s previous hand injuries to make sure she isn’t looking for an easy payday… Look at her Facebook with all the pictures of her coloring her casts…

  • bill

    Bob is a great guy. Idc what any of you say. Two 45 and a pack of smokes baby that’s all we need

  • Bob

    Bottom line is he is responsible for his actions, this is what being intoxicated can do. I can’t feel sorry for the guy. Someone was trying to help him and she should not have to get hurt over it.

    It’s some of the comments before me that make me realize this country is going into the crapper! lol

  • Kither

    Oh please. I worked ems 911 and i am only 5’3 and I did just fine. Heck i did better then some men. But drinking WITH a head injury can really mess with you. I had people handcuffed just because of their severity of their head injury. But one time i almost was assaulted but it also comes with the territory. You just need to realize if you can handle a call.

      • Laura

        Tom you should not make generalizations about someone especially if you do not actually know the person or the real story regarding this incident.

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