Muncy Marks Memorial Day

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MUNCY -- Almost everywhere you looked, a great big American flag helped mark Memorial Day in Muncy.

“Ten paces before it arrives and ten passes you hold it until it passes you.” said Joseph Delott, as he saluted the American flag.

US Navy veteran, Joseph Delott salutes the flag wearing his Navy uniform proudly during Muncy Borough's annual Memorial Day parade.

“Something like this helps us to remember when the people come out and render honor to the reason for the day,” said Delott.

Families who came out to the parade took time to honor those who have fallen in combat and thank veterans like Jim Hotchkiss.

“I think they're glad to see me. They thank me for my service. They shake my hand. It's just a really great day,” said Jim Hotchkiss, an Army veteran.

Finishing up the ceremony at the Muncy Cemetery is a special moment for veterans who say it gives them and others time to walk through read the grave stones and find out who exactly gave up their lives for this country.

It’s a humbling experience for Sharron Betler who watched the parade from the side of the Muncy Cemetery where her relatives who served are buried. Her three grandsons waved American flags proudly. Sharron says it's a special moment for her family.

“(It’s) our heritage and what we need to instill in these kids,” said Betler.

Military members say heritage and honor are exactly what the day is really about.

"Respect soldiers the ones that are serving now and the fallen soldiers," said Kenneth Lowe, Post 268 in Muncy.