Vigil Held for Dead Taxi Cab Driver

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SCRANTON -- Family and friends are still mourning the loss of Vincent Darbenzio, the cab driver who was allegedly shot and killed by a teenager Friday morning in Scranton.

Sunday night, they honored his memory with a vigil near where Darbenzio lost his life.

Officials said Vincent Darbenzio, 47, was killed on Crown Avenue and Pear Street in Scranton.

People who know Darbenzio gathered near his memorial site to remember the former cab driver.

Darbenzio was driving his cab for Mccarthy Flowered Cab in Scranton when he died.

Darbenzio leaves behind two children.

The cab company owner said he was new to the job, only working for about 5 weeks in Scranton.



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    • mdog

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  • shaking my head

    Obviously you know nothing of the trayvon martin case or you would be making no such comparison.
    My prayers to the family and friends. But, all these racist hateful comments brats do nothing but spread more hate!

    • deborahrmorgan

      Shaking your head…..If we`re racists….so be it…..its not against the law…..what is against the law is murder…racially motivated murder over 7 bucks….now shut up you ignorant moron and climb back into the hole you came out of.

      • Hunter


        All they have is the race card. Truth matters nothing. Reality is ignored. Seriousness in anything is avoided. Criminality is swept aside. Bad behavior and consequences are pushed on to society to pay for.

        The race card is supposed to stop people dead in their tracks because the stupid liberals allow this insanity to continue. Peoples lives are destroyed. Their careers. Their jobs. Their reputations. Their standing in the community with this fake, stupid, ignorant, forced upon us with this bogus “race card.” It’s a way of not dealing with it or to see things as they really are. Pull out the “race card” and they are excused.

        This poor taxi driver has two children who are now fatherless. I don’t know what to say except liberalism has given these people too much power to voice their continued ignorance. Good people are ruined because of it.

        Where is the coverage of this poor man’s life? Trayvon Martin, a teenage thug was made a victim because they all, including this moron of a guy in the White House, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”..well where’s his statement for this murderer? Would he say the same thing? Selective thinking. If he’s black, he comments. If he’s white? No comment. That’s my take.

    • Hunter

      No! The Trayvon Martin case is all about RACE, not Justice nor does it seek Justice. He’s black. The race baiters saw an opportunity to come out of their caves to speak their closed minds on a kid who was nothing but a thug. He had a backpack filled with (12 pieces) of stolen women’s jewelery. He was suspended for violence. His mother kicked him out of the house. He was staying with his father and his new girlfriend and their new baby. The kid was looking for someone to take his bad attitude out on. As usual the “Closed Minds” came out to defend the “THUG” who had a “Hoodie” and to make him a victim so they can JUSTIFY, Black Thuggery. Mrs. Trayvon became a “martyr” because she saw money (and she got it) and it was profitable for her to join “The Justice Brothers” who only look for money. Money is the god of the race baiters. If they ain’t no munny in it? They stay quiet. Money and their ugly faces in the cameras because it pays!

  • Hunter

    I knew the race before I saw this scumbag’s picture. Another Trayvon Martin only this time he had the gun. My heart is with the Darbenzio family being slaughtered and robbed by those who are not worthy to even live in this country. He is definitely representative of Obama and family. Sharpton and Jackson disappear when the victim is white and very innocent. Look at his picture. Is that even considered human?

  • Dr. RothEisenSteinBerg

    It amazes me that some clown is such a superior, intelligent atheist, that they actually down voted those two comments. Nobody is “pushing religion” on you, buddy. They were just wishing the family well. You are so closed-minded that you couldn’t see past that, and it’s pretty pathetic. You are SO progressive. Seriously, I can’t imagine why else anyone would have an issue with those comments…unless maybe you’re just like the murderer.

    • deborahrmorgan

      Evidently….they approve of the racially motivated assassination of the cab driver…..and so yes……they are part of the problem and not part of the solution. The solution is to get together as a community to get rid of this vermin.

      • deborahrmorgan

        To begin w if i was the owner of mccarthy cabs……i would refuse to send my drivers to any of these projects and if i was a driver i would refuse to pick up anyone i felt might be a threat. Let them walk or get their hommies together to give them a ride or take a bus. I as a professional will not be providing these scum w any help whatsoever.

  • JenkemJones and the Chitlin Express

    God bless the family of this working man. I hope his killer gets everything he deserves and you all can find peace. I truly am sorry for your loss.

  • Antonio C

    May God Bless and comfort all the family, friends, and bless the soul of Mr. Darbenzio — This was such a tragic, uncalled for crime, it is just heartbreaking, and awful !

    Please God, bless this family in all ways possible and comfort them, mind, body and spirit.

    • Dr. RothEisenSteinBerg

      See Antonio, this is what I’m talking about ^^^. You’ve really got to wonder who those 4 people are who down voted that comment. I mean, what sort of people must they be? Whether they believe in God or not, how can somebody have a problem with wishing the family well? There are some strange people around here.

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