Two Hurt After Jumping From Burning Building

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POTTSVILLE -- Two people are hurt after jumping from a window of a burning building in Schuylkill County.

Firefighters said two people are recovering from injuries after jumping out of a second story window to escape the smoke and flames.

According to officials, at least 15 people lived there.

Residents said there's a lot of damage inside, and at least two family pets were killed.

"We were staying with the old lady downstairs. We had to break a windor to get her out. All of us got out. Everything's gone. Everybody's stuff, my stuff, we got out with out lives. That's all I can say," said Kyle CollinsĀ of Pottsville.

The Red Cross is helping the fire victims.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the fire.


  • concerned mommy

    I know 90% of the people who were in that fire. I only know the building from its reputation. I’m glad to see its gone but I feel sorry for everyone that lost their belongings and home. Hopefully now the good people that lived there can get away from the other druggie scum bags that lived in the building. God Bless all of the firefighters that helped keep this blaze from destroying other homes. Great job guys.

  • just sayin

    “We were staying with the Old Lady downstairs” Didn’t he know the name of the person he was staying with?? Apparently several people were staying with the “Old Lady downstairs” that the owner of the building was not aware of according to the Republican!!?? Can’t wait to see the cause of the fire. Luckily nobody was killed thanks to our firefighters efforts. Great job again to our volunteer firefighters.

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