Neighbors React To Accused Killer’s Words

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SCRANTON -- Neighbors reacted to Aazis Richardson's words when he was lead away in handcuffs in Scranton.

Aazis Richardson, 16, seemed to have no regret as he was lead away in handcuffs Friday night after confessing to killing Scranton cab driver Vincent Darbenzio.

Richardson's apparent reason for the shooting was that he thought the cabbie was running up the fare when he allegedly shot him twice in the head on Crown Avenue.

"That's what I do to people who don't listen," said Richardson.

The nonchalance displayed by the accused teen horrified the victim's neighbors.

"It's crazy, all I can say it's crazy, I mean who does that at that age?" said Daisy Valentine of Scranton.

"I didn't know Scranton was that bad, you know, I mean I could see something like that happening in New York, but Scranton, I did not expect that," said Israel Clemente of Scranton.

"If that were my kid I would have to beat them down, their parents should teach them right from wrong," said Betty Jean Webber of Scranton.

Perhaps the most surprising words Richardson uttered were directed towards the dead man's family.

"What do you say to the victims family. **** them."

A small cross now stands in the spot where Vincent Darbenzio lost his life.

His brother Chris said that he was left speechless by what the accused killer had to say to the victim's family.

"For him to use the f word, against the family, when the family didn't do absolutely nothing, it's insane," said Clemente.

Darbenzio was a father of two and had only recently started driving a cab.

Richardson is locked up without bail on charges including first degree murder in Lackawanna County.


  • black citizen

    shove it? yes you are well educated aren’t you miss. What drugs? what drugs were found on or around this person?

    • deborahrmorgan

      As a matter of fact i am well educated..,,,i know this …my black stepmother smashed a full quart of beer over my white fathers head while he was a sleep.,,,i came home from school blood everywhere…..i was 13..,.and i witnessed 2 black women stab my grandmother in the temple because she would hand over her purse to them..,i was 12….and yes im formally educated….graduated from matywood… yeah shove it!,

  • Uncle Billy.

    If you need a current example of this not being an issue of race look no further than the spoiled white kid in Santa Barbara who boasted on YouTube to slaughter blond girls then murdered 7 and wounded 7 more. Of course he did us the favor of saving the last bullet for himself.

  • Black Citizen

    I wonder what would be said this kid been white. Dominick executed another white man . Lets go and compare comments why don’t we?

    • deborahrmorgan

      I think what we should do is have a obama style town hall meeting to discuss how were going to rid our communities of this scourge…it wasnt always this way…,it should have been nipped in the bud a long time ago……

  • Black Citizen

    Regardless of what minority maybe committing these crimes, they will be committed now and far into the future by all races. These cops are so worried and concerned about drug activity , they have forgotten to investigate real crime, when I say real crime I mean acts that involve the harm of a human being. You have a whole task force dedicated to ridding the community of drugs. These officers should be dedicating their time protecting its citizens instead of felony collars for drugs because of the abundance and ease of catching them. They have made no dent whatsoever. Maybe they should have a task force that patrols and makes their presence known to the public instead of working undercover where no one can see them. Massive war on drugs right? where is the war to reduce violent offenses? Where is the war on violent crime? all their resources and time go to non-violent crime activity.

    • deborahrmorgan

      Oh shove it! Drugs are the root of the problem…..the black community is ravaged by them…..remember nicky barns and that other loser…..american gangster comes to mind…..but they were the black communities friends,….must be the free turkeys they gave out while poisoning their own communities.

  • Black Scranton Citizen

    Im sick and tired of hearing about race. Im black born and raised in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre for 29 yrs. Crimes are committed everywhere. It doesn’t matter about the size of a city or its demographics. Seriously how can you talk about race? like its in our dna to kill? come on…look at what your saying. Why don’t you go to Venezuela or Mexico where murder is a common occurrence. You think you have it bad?

    • White Williamsport Citizen

      It is not in your DNA – But the cold hard truth is, the MAJORITY of these shootings, violent crimes are indeed COMMITTED by the Minority

      I know Black People I would rather live by, then living by white trash that acts like this also, but you cannot deny, Most Crimes of Violence, Shootings in NEPA are from influx Minority

      Peace to you Black Scranton Citizen, your color of skin, white, black, or any color does not automatically make you bad. Honest to God I am white, and I know good Back people I would rather live by any day, then lots of white criminals and people I have seen in my life.

      But again, it is true the Gangsta Influx thugs, Drug Dealers, are DANGEROUS people, and ruined our towns !

  • Franko

    It’s so sad to say, but he’s going to get off easy, basically serving life in prison, because of his “mental state” — it’s the same thing that happened to the A-hole (Randal Rushing) that murdered my daughter’s friend, his brother, and another boy in that triple homicide in upper southside several years ago — that moron did the same type of comments, how he had fun brutally murdering all three of them and his lawyer was busy fighting everything saying that he was from a broken home and drugs and what not else — and they are still fighting things… It’s the same thing that is going to happen here – he’s going to get some big lawyer to take the case and defend him and say it’s all because of his upbringing… Which I think is so untrue, I grew up in the Bronx and everyone I graduated with made something of themselves, some of us are cops, some firefighter, some EMT’s, some chefs, research techs, pharmacists, etc… so there is no lawyer that would ever convince me that it’s where the person grew up as the reason for them killing someone…

  • Skeptic

    You all know that his confession and antics mean nothing right? Actually, they’ll likely be used as evidence that he needs to be immediately released for “treatment” of his “temporary mental illness”. It will show how desperate he was due to being oppressed by a racist society. His poor upbringing was caused directly by the lack of opportunities his loving parents had, and really, he’s just a freedom fighter. Plus that cab driver must have been a racist somehow anyway. He’ll do a few years in a low security facility for troubled youth, right next to the kids with ADHD, and be back on the streets in no time at all, with an apology and a settlement check from the government. Think I’m joking? This may be sarcastic, but I don’t think it’s too far from the truth. Welcome to the US, where criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens.

  • just sayin

    Smart A=$ tough guy. They should let members of his family have some quality time alone with this tough punk in a locked room and see how tough he is without a gun!!!!!! Looks like we will be providing food and medical care for this guy for the rest of his life! I hope he gets a college degree out of the deal! They should bring back the electric chair and raffle off tickets to pull the switch on this piece of crap. I for one would like to look him in the eye and see if he has anything smarta$$ to say right before I pulled the switch!!! And send the bill for the electricity to his family!

  • NEPA born and raised

    The decision of the US Supreme Court in Stanford v. Kentucky in 1989 established the constitutionality of the death penalty as applied to juveniles aged 16 and above. Correspondingly, States were able, if desired to, to reflect this within their State law. Despite this, not a single State has lowered their age of eligibility to 16, conversely, five states have increased the age of eligibility to 18. Both Montana (1999) and Indiana (2002) passed laws to raise the age of eligibility to 18. On re-introducing the death penalty, Kansas (1994) and New York (1995) both elected to set the minimum age of eligibility at 18. One State, Washington, raised the age to 18 through judicial decision: Washington Supreme Court in State v. Furman (1993).

  • HaynaDude

    I can’t recall a more vicious killing around here in my life, and it makes my seven years in the Bronx seem like a walk in the park. To compound matters, this shooting appears to fit the definition of a racially motivated hate crime.

  • April

    This piece of garbage should without a doubt get what he deserves! Our area has become a constant over flow of welfare seeking, drug dealing scumbags who come here and continue to destroy our cities and communities. How can racisism not play a role in a case like this! It’s hard not to judge and stereotype this piece of s/*t for exactly what he is and always will be. Wilkes barre and Scranton need to take back over our cities, the hard working honest people that were BORN and RAISED here not every inner city scum that decides to knock up their baby momma and set up shop in their housing project to sell their dope and kill innocent people.

    • deborahrmorgan

      That is exactly right….that is exactly what the majority of them do…..i was born and raised here ….came back after 20 years to relax and live in a comfortable surrounding …..i am appalled at what is going on in this area now……we need more cops to patrol our streets….every project should have a security team on site 24/7……its the cost of doing busines or get out of business because they are a scourge to our lives.

    • Death penalty now


    • Antonio C

      So does Williamsport and sourrounding area also ! Nothing but shooting and thugs, crack addicts, robbery this way also !

    • just sayin

      Sad part is you are right. I could not agree more as this is the truth! I say we bring back the electric chair and publicly execute these scumbags. Why should we feed them and give them health care for the rest of their lives. And have the taxpayers pay for apeal after apeal. Where is Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and the ACLU now????

      • deborahrmorgan

        To just saying…..jesse jackson and al sharpton are in hiding…..even they of the professional propanga machine….cant come up w any defense for this POS… still waiting to see where are all the black role models …..positive black role models are,,,,to step forward…..not a peep.

  • deborahrmorgan

    Newark at one time was a nice place to live but then all the whites moved out after the black riots of the 60`s ……so its been their town for the last 50 years and now they even the blacks dont want to live there…so now theyre moving out in droves…problem is you can take them out of the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out of them….friday morning is a example of these facts..

  • Russ

    Congratulations to the family of “medusa-head” for a wonderful upbringing and oversight of this filthy punk. Send DPW over and load his entire family in a dump truck & don’t hit the lever until you reach Newark….discard them back where they belong. They should have kept their problems where they were.

  • Rebecca

    As much as this screams for the death penalty, we all know it won’t happen. He’s 16, and the law won’t allow it, Better to try him, get a conviction, and then extradite him to New Jersey IF they can pin the triple homicide on him. Let them pay for his incarceration.

    And what about his parents? Where are they? The article said he was from Newark. It’s still within the school year. He’s not only under 18 and away from his parents, he’s not going to school, and he’s in possession of a firearm. The government needs to start addressing these issues too. New Jersey needs to get on this. His parents should be charged with aiding and abetting at the very least.

    Between the “Great Society” replacing the father of the family with a check, outsourcing nearly every decent paying job that a normal person can get, and the failed war on drugs, this is what we have. And it’s just going to get worse.

  • Paul Kersey Clean up streets!

    Death Penalty for SURE on this gang banger, and we got lots more out there who aren’t working collecting welfare. ROUND THEM all up. What happen to this country. Just think if Geroge Washington, or Thomas Jefferson were here they would be getting the militia and cleaning up the streets. Or maybe we need Charles Bronson!

  • mdog

    He confessed. Its high time he gets smoked in the chair.
    Take 10% of all welfare money and give to the victim’s family.
    End of story.

  • Sickofit

    It should be …you kill then you die the same way. Eye for an eye! And the next day in public! No taxpayers money wasted on this garbage! Total waste of space along with all the other worthless people that it’s cool to act this way. They want to kill each other fine , but not innocent people that at least contribute to society.

      • John H.

        Yes. Our current point of view yields our current results. If we don’t seem to have a good answer, then maybe we’re not asking a good question. Maybe something like “How did the people around this guy miss this cue”?

  • GramRose

    okay enough of the black/white issue…for some reason it did not surprise me this 16 yr old murderer might be involved with gang related issues ?? and then involved with other crimes in Newark ? hmmmm? Read more info on about this crime & what he is allegedly involved in?… I grew up in NE Pa….moved away for a number of years , lived in a metropolitan area many years, moved back to Central PA over 20 years ago and the crimes of our area are becoming like inner city crime ! That alone is scarey because NE Pa was always a good area to live. What bothers me is how this 16 yr old is so cold hearted and no remorse whatsoever about killing this poor man working an honest job and now has shattered the taxi driver’s family’s life forever….and where did a 16 year old get a handgun from ?? and doing out at 3AM ?? when I was 16 I was not allowed out at that time of morning ! This is another example of society spiraling spiritually out of control ! God help us !!

  • Abdullah Mohammed Satan

    When his cellmate repeatedly rapes and then kills this piece of $4it… I want his ridiculous mop head so I can clean the spilled grease and oil from my shop floor. Expect Al and Jesse to silently accept this animalistic behavior, they apparently condone ALL acts, except the lawful resistance by the victims of these sub-humans.

    • Antonio C

      Yes as I said on other post, HAD the Cab Driver grabbed the gun out of this kids hand, and killed this 16 year old, AL would be on TV today claiming Cab Driver is a racist, and 16 year old was good kid who did not deserve what he got from a White Cab Driver ! My point is the Cab Driver was in a NO WIN situation, either get killed by this Piece of %@^* or defend your love from this Evil Kid taking it, then the press and Rev. AL will paint YOU as the Monster for killing a 16 year old !

      See had the cab driver killed this scumbag, the world would of never known how EVIL Dreads was, but now the cab driver is dead, and the world SEE’S how uncaring and evil this kid is ! But they would of never known if Cab Driver defended himself and killed this kid, they would of painted the Cab Driver a s a racist monster, gunning down poor 16 year old black kids !

      • deborahrmorgan

        Black citizen….i can answer that question…..its called the absolute disregard for human life,…..they are at the bottom of the food chain……are we clear on that now? Or should i expand.

  • Christopher Sohl

    I knew vince and I know his family. My condolences go out to the family. RIP Vincent.

    • Death penalty now

      there are no words but just to let this man’s family know they are not alone in this tragic loss – forever.
      this scumbag will probably be released eventually to come walk the streets of good hard working people and families once again
      and not given the death penalty because he is under 18. things need to really change this kind of animal is spreading like cancer into every hard working community..

    • deborahrmorgan

      I didnt know vince….but he was my cab driver last saturday….took me to pick up my car from the mechanics. …… and so im floored by this whole thing…..i am so sorry for him, his family and his friends.

  • bob dinos

    I believe this is really hate crime. It should be considered on federal level and he should get what he deserves – capital punishment.

  • SRV

    ““I didn’t know Scranton was that bad, you know, I mean I could see something like that happening in New York, but Scranton, I did not expect that,” said Israel Clemente of Scranton.”
    That’s a REALLY STUPID thing to say! Murder has been happening here for quite some time that had NOTHING to do with NY. This kid was a transplant, ok, from Newark, not NY. And those two pigs that killed and burned Ashley Kline were WHITE home-growns.
    Have you been reading about all the crime in your beloved Scranton lately? It never ends..

    • deborahrmorgan

      Srv….yeah we`ve been hearing about all the crime in our beloved scranton… the stabbing and murder of a pedestrian on vine street, the murder of the ljc student also on vine strert, the murder of the cab driver friday morning and all of the robberies going on all our beloved area..and we`te sick of it

      • deborahrmorgan

        I forgot to add the execution style murder of a patron at finn mccools…also in scranton and the drug bust the sun hotel,,,..all by out of towners,,,..anything else?

  • j

    Only thing more scary than this sad and pointless crime- are the hate filled comments in this discussion…

  • Rice

    Well I would like to hear from Rev. Sharpton, and the Rev. Jackson, as to how their going to defend this guy, and his comments. Come on you two, as it’s about time that you two get involved when the perp is black, and without question, no up bringing.

    • Abdullah Mohammed Satan

      Thankfully for the rest of us, Al and Jesse are likely to exercise their respective rights to remain silent. Anything said by either of them would be an affront to humanity, and would reveal the true Liberal-Socialist goals of the “new Black Panthers”. Terrorize non-blacks into surrendering their defensive weapons. Then kill and eat them.

    • Death penalty now

      pure and simplae this is the entitled to YOURS and MINE hard earned money this is what this Obanana teaching Blacks
      OBUMMER should come on national TV and make a statement NOW and say this could have been his son….where is he now????

      • Black Citizen

        teaching blacks What? one black president and all of sudden he speaks to all blacks and we listen like hes our father. Come on…how do you sound right now

  • mam

    Isn’t this a case of a reverse racism… How sad, human life worth nothing to scumbag s like this one. Hang him publicly

    • mfitzy111

      reverse racism? nah it’s just racism! – everyone can be racist. some blacks don’t like whites, some Spanish people don’t like blacks, some whites don’t like anybody ect ect – no one culture should ever get away with pushing the race card- blacks calling whites crackers- is just as bad as whites calling them N@ggers. makes no difference, it’s a lie to think one race has a monopoly on racism – I worked with inner city kids for about 5 years- some are raised by TV, and gangs- some people are just evil – I’ve met good people of every race, and a few thugs and wanna be and real gang members who were drug addicts and bottom feeders- along with some kids who had great potential and actually worked to be successful- racism is taught- and some of the kids there were racist against whites, hispanics, and other lighter skinned kids- hey no one is going to fix someone in a few months, that their parents ruined over 17-18 years. it’s never easy to stop a bad idea. but the bad ideas can be replaced with good ideas-

      sure anyone can say I’m racist for stating my point of view, but I don’t hold hate for anyone because of race- it’s usually actions that warrant my animosity. stating people are racist is the first step in shutting down discussion- a black person doesn’t like what a white person is saying- ‘your a racist’ – no John seriously if you smoke while pumping gas you could cause a fire and explode!.. people miss the point shutting down discussion playing the race card every time- whatever- it’s off topic anyhow…

      if this 16 year old serial killer can’t be responsible for his actions because of his age- his parents (loosely termed) should be held accountable for his actions due to their inability to be parents.

      • Gloria

        generational cursed minds …… thats what america consist of.Oppressed minds and free bodies poisonous combination.

    • Wayne Crawford

      It is too bad that the leftist government of New Jersey has outlawed that practice. Not to mention that the United States Supreme Court has ruled that anyone under 18 at the time of their crime is ineligible for the death penalty.

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